A stranger in a strange land

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From Fred Barzyk: Bill insisted I try to get into the scholarship program. You studied for your graduate degree at Boston University and worked three days a week at the Educational Television station. Free tuition and you got $600 to live a year in Boston!

Prospects of Mankind (1959–61)

From David Michaelis — 2000

WGBH was the alpha and omega of my mother’s career. … In 1959, to be a young woman and an associate producer and writer on a monthly television program moderated by Eleanor Roosevelt, the universally respected “First Lady of the World,” was to be truly present at the creation of the postwar cosmos.

And though I was too young to have actual memories of her work (my brother, however, vividly remembers the fire that destroyed WGBH in November 1961), Diana spoke so often in later life about the people and ideas on “Prospects of Mankind,” I seem to remember her pre-interviewing everyone from the aged Bertrand Russell to the young Henry Kissinger to the impossibly young-looking Senator John F. Kennedy Read more...

Living Places of the Not-so-rich and Occasionally Infamous (1957-63)

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Just around the corner from the former Zebra Lounge, (the present-day Crossroads Tavern, shown in this photo to the right of center) was a pair of apartments at 27 1/2 Massachussetts Avenue, over a greasy spoon eating place which shared a kitchen with the Zebra. Read more...

In the Ille Novi – excerpts (1958)

From Paul Noble

The following are excerpts from the Ille Novi collection. These “underground” newsletters were circulated from mid-1958 to mid-1961, and edited by the Queen (Jean Brady) and Paul Noble.

September 1, 1958 (from Vol. 1, No. 2)

Videotape Works!

On Tuesday, July 29th, Jean Brady’s image was recorded on videotape at WGBH-TV, making the first use of the Ampex VTR machine. The picture and sound quality of VTR is almost idential with that of the live signal. Read more...