Paik and the Video Synthesizer

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From Fred Barzyk: I remember Nam June Paik telling me to stand back since TV sets sometime exploded when he did this. I backed off. The TV did not explode but gave forth a dazzling array of colors, buzzed and slowly died, never to live again.

Fred Barzyk Honored For “Personal Vision in Television”

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From Don Hallock

At first glance this man looks sane enough. In fact, his lifelong career has been skating the crazy edge of the barely possible, a madcap minister to the risky marriage of art and broadcast. And it’s won Fred Barzyk (shown here speaking at the 2000 Reunion) yet another round of honors.

In 1998, the WGBH Archives, under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, moved to preserve several inNOVAtive and experimental video art series, many of which were produced and directed by Fred. The goal of the project, called the New Television Workshop Collection, was to organize the programming assets and create a Web accessible guide to the video art series New Television Workshop, Rockefeller Artists-in-Television, Artists’ Showcase, Music Image Workshop, Dance for Camera, Framee of Reference, VIsions, Alive from Off Center, Soundings, Poetry Breaks and The Contemporary Art Television Fund. Read more...