The BU Scholars program (1957-58)

From Vic Washkevich

From on high

The Boston Symphony Orchestra was one of the highlights of WGBH programming back in 1957–58. Hey, anything was better than Words, the one-camera show on which I earned my credit as a director.

If you recall, symphony rehearsal performances were open to the public. We shot that show with three cameras, #1 on the left, #3 on the right, and #2 at high center — the nose-bleed portion of the balcony. Read more...

Murray Yaeger – in memory

Former Professor of Broadcasting, Boston University; former liaison for student interns between Boston University and WGBH; directed World Affairs Council series.

From Murray Yaeger – 2/23/2000

My involvement with the station began in 1956 when I became a professor at what is now the College of Communications at Boston University. I served as a liaison with the station and Bob Moscone of WGBH in following the development of our graduate students enrolled in the ‘GBH Scholarship program. I also directed a World Affairs Council program for the station during the time Dave Davis took over as production head. Read more...