Reunion 2018: Guestbook – Alphabetical

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RSVPs received as of August 1, 2018

Here are our RSVPs, in alphabetical order. You can see the newest RSVPs on the list in the chronological order we received them.

Also, can you help us make sure we have contact information for alumni so we can reach out? If so, take a look at our complete alumni list and let us know if you have an email address for anyone who is marked “No.”

Your first name Your last name Years at WGBH Role(s) Department(s) and program(s) Your comments Will you attend?
Cornelia (Lewine) Fortier 80s, 70s Production Ballroom, MPT anniversary show, Leo Buscaglia, On the Money, Gilbert & Sullivan, pledge, Conrad Teitell, and more that I can’t remember! Yes
Christine (Simpson) Lear 00s, 90s Auction/Events, Development Can’t wait! Yes
Michael Ambrosino 70s, 60s, 50s Production, Administration Programming Yes
Carole Ashcraft 70s Production NOVA – Original Production Secretary at Start-up under Michael Ambrosino. Maybe
Debra Thorburn Ashton 80s, 70s Fundraising Planned Giving in Development Office Looking forward to seeing my friends from 1978-1985. Yes
David Atwood 00s, ’90s, ’80s, ’70s, ’60s Production, Post-production Camera, Producer Director, Editor, Video Artist. Yes
Julie Baker 00s, ’90s Marketing/Outreach Station Relations Yes
Steve Baker 10s, ’00s, ’90s Creative Services Creative Services Yes
Leslie Barbera 00s, ’90s Production, Marketing/Outreach, Auction/Events Development / pledge Yes
Fred Barzyk Yes
Alison Bassett 00s, ’90s, ’80s Production, Post-production American Experience, Frontline, Children’s Ed Programming Always a good time to see old friends & colleagues. Yes
Dan Beach 80s, 70s, 60s Support, Production, Post-production Film Department, Traffic Department, and more Looking forward. Yes
John Beck 80s, ’70s, ’60s Administration, Radio B&G, Business Office, Radio Yes
C. Susheel Bibbs 80s, ’70s Production In TV: Talent and Music Coordinator for ZOOM; Executive Producer for ZOOM; Producer (film) for Brother Blue, Miss Wunderlich (aired on Say Brother Series). In Radio: Producer for The Spider’s Web, Performance, A Baton Rompus, Brother Blue. Rose Hill Series; Director of Music Program Development for Music Through the Night with Eric Jackson, Essays in Black Music with A.B. Spellman. I’m grateful to WGBH and hope to attend. Maybe
Ron Blau 70s, ’60s Production, Post-production Edited lots of programs, including Nova and Zoom, studio producer of Zoom Looking forward to seeing old (meaning from long ago, not meaning doddering) friends! Yes
Bruce Bordett 70s Production Traffic and Studio Technician Looking forward to seeing everyone. Yes
Hoagy Carmichael 60s Production Yes
Amy Carzo 10s, ’00s, ’90s WGBH Enterprises Yes
Basil Chigas 70s Crew Yes
Jay Collier 80s Production, Post-production The Ten O’clock News (intern, PA, editor), Crew (stage manager, switcher), Creative Services (promotion AD/editor, online editor) I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. Yes
Jack Comeau 80s Production Lighting Living out in LA now, it’s hard to predict but I’d LOVE to be there and will try my best. Maybe
Elaine Coolbrith 00s, ’90s Administration The Health Quarterly and Business and Legal Affairs 92-08’: NOVA, Masterpiece Mystery,Antiques Roadshow, Zoom, Arthur, Peep, Shackleton, Rx for Survival, Sharks, Special Effects and many many more. WGBH was a wonderful place to work amid amazingly talented people. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Yes
Bill Cosel 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s, ’70s, ’60s Production, Administration Evening at Symphony, Evening at Pops The best start for a career in TV with the best bunch of colleagues. UNIQUE Yes
Deedee Decker (Morss) 60s Production, Auction/Events Reading score for Bill Cosel at Evening at Symphony; Museum Open House with Russell Connor; Kids film programs at Saugus Iron Works, the Shakers and Fort Ticonderoga with Fred (forget the series name); numerous live productions incl. the 1st and 2nd year Auctions; lots more… The best friends I ever worked with. And getting to eat Julia’s TV dinners every Friday was a real treat. I look forward to seeing some of these old friends. Yes
Ron Della Chiesa Della Chiesa 60s Radio WGBH and WCRB Looking forward to another great WGBH reunion with so many old friends. Yes
Sue DeMarco 90s, ’80s, ’70s Production, Post-production The Ten O’Clock News (’79-’81); Ballroom Dancing; Last Chance Garage and other Chris Gilbert How-To’s; vidifont/production misc. (’81-’84); The Advocates: Who Should Be President? (’84); NOVA and misc. National Productions post production (’84-’97) So looking forward to seeing everyone! Yes
Deborah Doesey 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s, ’70s Post-production WGBH New Television Workshop, 10 O’Clock News, NOVA, Frontline, La Plaza, PBS Specials, Masterpiece Theater, Adventure, American Experience, Greater Boston, Auction, etc. I thought I had responded and just realized my name was not on the RSVP list. So sorry. I’m looking forward to October. Yes
Merle Eisman 80s Production Sports and Specials, Frontline, American Experience, Championship Skating and Evening at Pops Look forward to seeing old colleagues!! Sorry I missed the last one. Yes
David Elinoff 00s, ’90s, ’70s Engineering Engineering/Operations Staff and Freelance – 10 O’clock News, Zoom Yes
Boyd Estus 70s, ’60s Production, BU Scholar Film Dept. Yes
Gerry Field 00s, ’90s, ’70s, ’60s Production, Engineering, Auction/Events, Project management, Media Access Group Game City (student panelist), The Reporters (intern), Descriptive Video Service (Operations Manager), NCAM (Project Director) Yes
Hilary Finkel Buxton 00s, 90s Production, Post-production, Administration National Underwriting, How-To Unit, Lifestyle Productions: The Victory Garden, This Old House, The New Yankee Workshop, Simply Ming, Food Trip with Todd English, and many others! Looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues and friends! Yes
Greg Fitzgerald 00s, 80s, 70s Production Radio News & Music, TV: The Ten O’Clock News Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Yes
Russ Fortier 80s, 70s, 60s Production 1965-’70: Cameraman. 1970-’83: Director The French Chef with Julia Child, Evening at Symphony, The Advocates, Evening at Pops, The Club, Tennis, The Ten O’Clock News, Changing Music with Gunther Schuller, The Photo Show and many, many more over the years. Yes
Alan Foster 90s The Ten O’Clock News Executive Producer: “The Ten O’Clock News” Yes
Kai Fujita 90s, 80s Administration Frontline, WGBH admin Missed the last reunion; look forward to seeing you soon! Yes
Francis Gladstone 80s, ’70s Production Nova mainly Yes
Bob Gore 70s Production, Administration FM and finance I am so eager to see friends from my memorable years on Western Ave. Yes
Valerie Grabiel 00s, 90s Marketing/Outreach Educational Print and Outreach, A Science Odyssey, Africans in America, Culture Shock, Eye on Education, ZOOM Yes
Marilyn Greenstein 70s Production Yes
Betsy Groban 90s, ’80s WGBH Enterprises Maybe
Dick Heller 80s, ’70s, ’60s Production TV Production. Evening at Symphony, Evening at POPS, ZOOM, Frontline, Masterpiece, Mystery!, more Always fun to catch up with folks from such a formative period of our lives. Yes
Dianne Horgan 10s, 00s, 90s Administration National Program Marketing, Budget and Finance, Development, Sponsorship, Membership Extraordinary organization and people! Looking forward to reconnecting. Maybe
Austin Hoyt 00s, ’90s, ’80s, ’70s, ’60s Production National Programing Yes
Charles Hughes 10s, 00s, 90s IT IDS Looking forward to attending. Yes
Eileen Hughes 00s, 90s Marketing/Outreach, Auction/Events Educational Print and Outreach, Outreach Coordinator. Auction, Volunteer Services, Volunteer Manager, Yes
Marcia Hulley 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s Production, Post-production, Marketing/Outreach Creative services, promotion, creative marketing Yes
Carol Jeffery 60s WGBH/Boston University Scholar I’m delighted that there will ba another reunion. Yes
Monia Joblin 70s Production Advocates, Masterpiece Theatre, ZOOM, PR (on-air promos) Sorry I missed the last reunion, but looking forward to this one. Thanks for organizing it! Yes
Virginia Kassel 60s, ’50s Production, Post-production A Time to Dance (PA), Deadline 10:45, Prospects for Mankind, Elliot Norton Reviews, What’s New, Louis M. Lyons News Very much looking forward to familiar and new faces. Yes
Michael Kolowich 70s News The Ten O’Clock News I’m looking forward to seeing as many Ten O’Clock Newsies as possible! Yes
Benny Krol 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s Yes
Judy Larsen 50s Yes
Barbara Levitov 80s, 70s Marketing/Outreach, Auction/Events, Caption Center Yes
Trishia Lichauco 00s Auction/Events Yes
Roger Lyons 90s, 80s, 70s Production, Post-production, Marketing/Outreach, Auction/Events Programming: Ten O’Clock News, ZOOM, The Advocates, Catch 44, Eliot Norton Reviews,
Hallmark Hall of Fame, Evening Compass), Various how-tos (Theonie’s Greek Easter, Maggie’s Physical Fatness, The Romagnoli’s Table, etc.)Creative Services/Marketing and Development: Promo production, Marketing videos, Channel 2 Auction, Pledge drivesSoftball Commissioner
Too bad we can’t hold the reunion at 125 Western Ave. That’s where the memories are for many of us. Yes
Jo Ann Mathieu 90s, ’80s, ’70s Production, Auction/Events, Administration New project development, Frontline, Camera Three, Eyes on the Prize. Looking forward to it. Yes
Richard McGonagle 70s, 60s Production Lighting Yes
Rosalyn Minassian 90s, ’80s Auction/Events Yes
Colin Moor 80s, ’70s Production, Administration Ten O’clock News and NOVA Really looking forward to catching up with folks from this very special part of my career history! Yes
Aida Moreno 00s, ’90s, ’80s, ’70s Production National productions, Antiques Roadshow, America’s Ballroom Challenge and others These reunions provide a great way to see and catch up with old friends. Yes
Steve Nevas 70s Ten O’Clock News Looking forward to catching up with those who made a special program. Yes
Pau; Noble 60s, ’50s Production Prospects of Mankind, Invitation to Art, Louis Lyons and the News, Backgrounds, Introductory Geology, Computer Age Math, Contemporary Drama, Elliot Norton Reviews, A Time To Dance Yes
Lesley Norman 90s, 80s Production NOVA, Africans In America Yes
Brian O’Donovan 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s Production, Marketing/Outreach Radio. Development/Events Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to it. Lmk if I can be of help in any way. Yes
Steve Olenick 80s, ’70s Freelance composer. Sports & Specials. Rebop. Coming not only for myself but for my mom, Bernice “Bunny” Olenick. Yes
Carole Osterer 90s, ’80s, ’70s Production, Post-production, Administration, Caption Center Yes
Audrey Paek 00s, 90s Auction/Events, Administration Trustee and Overseer Relations and President’s Office, Auction/Pledge Volunteer Yes
Julie Piens Moore Yes
Nancy Porter 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s Production National and Local Production Thanks for pulling this together. Yes
Alan Potter 80s, ’70s, ’60s, ’50s Production, Engineering, Auction/Events, Administration Yes
Siobhan Quinlan 00s Administration Major gifts Yes
Carla Raimer 00s, 90s Production, Administration NOVA, The American Experience, How-to’s When I worked at WGBH, not a day went by that I did not appreciate the fact that I was there. Crossing its threshold, thrilled me as I felt honored and excited to be a part of its mission to entertain, educate, and inspire. Since then, my appreciation, and gratitude for the opportunities WGBH provided me has increased. Reconnecting with some of the amazing people who brought and continue to bring wonder to my world is an event I eagerly await! Yes
John Rogers 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s Engineering Maintenance and Tx Super Really looking forward to it. Yes
Judith Rosenbaum 00s, 90s Support WGBH Interactive Yes
Nina Saltus 80s, 70s Support, Auction/Events, Administration Education Division, Caption Center, P.A. on a few tennis shows Impressive that captioning is now so ubiquitous; started at WGBH. Yes
Sari Sapir 80s, 70s Production NOVA I’m so glad October was chosen, as I plan to be in the States for a family celebration that month and will be able to come to Boston on the 20th. I’m really looking forward to this reunion! Yes
Chuck Schuerhoff 70s, ’60s Production, Administration, International Distribution Should be great fun. One suggestion: name tags with LARGE font letters for the nearsighted prosopagnosiacs amongst us. Yes
Charles Scott 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s Production NOVA, American Experience, People’s Century, Rebop, Women In Science, Evolution, Educational Programming Yes
Dave St Onge 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s Engineering Engineering Looking forward to it. Yes
Vladimir Stefanovic 90s Footage sales Resource Center I really want to go if I can save up some money Maybe
Donna Streubel 10s, 80s Administration I live in Florida and really would love to see you and others. I will let you know asap. Thank you Audrey. ☺ Maybe
Olivia Tappan 90s, ’80s, ’70s, ’60s Support, Production The French Chef; WGBH New TV Workshop; Jean Shepherd’s America; French in Action; Destinos; Connect with English; Phantom of the Open Hearth; The Great American 4th of July; Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss; Flashback: Great American Disasters and many more Looking forward to the day and seeing everyone again. Yes
Abby Thomas Zimmerman 00s, ’90s Marketing/Outreach National Sponsorship Maybe
Mary Toropov 10s, ’00s, ’90s, ’80s Development Thanks for hosting us! Very excited to see everyone. Yes
Stevan Vigneaux 70s Engineering Great idea to hold this! Thanks to all. Yes
Louise Weber 00s, ’90s, ’70s Production, intern in the late ’70s WGBH Interactive Looking forward to catching up with old friends! Yes
Leah Weisse 10s, ’00s, ’90s Archives Media Library and Archives, formerly MAPC I am a current employee but because of my role in the Archives, I would like to attend the reunion and make as many contacts and listen to as many memories as possible. Thanks! Yes
Maryjo Wheatley 80s, ’70s Post-production Film Department Yes
David Wilson 90s, ’70s, ’60s Support, Production God wiling and the creeks don’t rise. Maybe
Liz Wilson 90s, ’80s Marketing/Outreach, WGBH Fellowships in Public Affairs Program Production Fellowships, Marketing, Development, Children’s, Interactive Media, “The World” Maybe
Lucinda Winslow 80s, ’70s Caption Center Caption Center captioning, research and production on 2 shows with the National Theater of the Deaf Yes
Tuggelin Yourgrau 80s Production National and local programming, news, and education Yes