This page represents the entire WGBH Reunion 2000 Guestbook as it appeared through the period up to, and including, the actual reunion date.

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Website: Crest National

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From: California

Time: 2000-05-13 18:01:21

Comments: Sorry I could not attend the reunion.

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From: Old Saybrook CT and Stuart FL

Time: 2000-05-02 09:15:40

Comments: The web site is terrific! Sorry I missed the reunion, but I was attending NAB. It’s nice to hear the old names again and remember events connected with them. I spent ten of the best years of my life there between 1958 and 1968. I’m in my seventies now and still active doing consulting for Connecticut Public Broadcasting and others. Lucille and I have three children and nine grandchildren. I’ll check the site again and see who else surfaces.

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From: Frederick MD

Time: 2000-04-21 12:10:47

Comments: …Well actually referred by my father, Gordon Mehlman. I’m sorry I missed the reunion. I hope to make the next one (2005). I worked at WGBH from 1981 to 1984 (ugh, that seems so long ago!), and have been fortunate to “hang out” during Evening at Pops, The French Chef, ZOOM, et al since I was 5 years old (THANKS DAD!). I now live in Frederick MD with my life partner of 11 plus years, Erick Peters, our six cats and one dog. I have worked as a Programmer Analyst at THE WASHINGTON POST for the past thirteen years, and though I watch the Oriole’s now (go CAL!), my heart will always be at Fenway. I also have become something of an Antiques Roadshow groupie, making a point of visiting my folks and sister in at least one city each year. Madison here we come.

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Time: 2000-04-10 19:52:40

Comments: With WGBH as big as it is today, it is hard to maintain a sense of community. The reunion did it. Wow! Thirty-five years of my life flashed back in multiple mirrors.

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From: Denver, Co, presently in Berlin

Time: 2000-04-08 21:53:09

Comments: Wish I could have come. All day thinking of people I would have liked to have seen again. So if you are coming to Berlin, get in touch. My e-mail address doesn’t seem to read when you click on my name, so here it is: 71112 (dot) 1034 (at) compuserve (dot) com.

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From: Jerusalem, Israel

Time: 2000-04-08 18:00:36

Comments: Hi, all! By the time I heard about the reunion, it was a little too late to get there! So please accept my regards from afar. Very afar! After working as an independent filmmaker for a few years after I left ‘GBH, I went back to Israel (where I had been working as a studio director at Israel Educational Television before I came to Boston). I now live in Jerusalem and am working for the Israel Democracy Institute. I occasionally see Neil Weisbrod, who works as a director at IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority). If you ever have a hankering to visit the Holy Land, please look me up. My email address is: sapphire (at) infolink (dot) net (dot) il or sari (at) idi (dot) org (dot) il.

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From: Stamford, CT

Time: 2000-04-08 17:48:23

Comments: Hi, This is fun to see the WEb page. I had hoped to come to the reunion but had to be out of town at the last minute. Hello to Julie, Al, Greg, Austin, Bunny,Kim, Bud, Susie D and all and maybe even Janet Krause Jones got there. I drive by WGBH the few times I get to Boston and remember some good times. Many thanks! Dennie

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From: Brownsville, VT

Time: 2000-04-08 14:07:21

Comments: Looking forward to seeing all the refugees from the great Cambridge fire.

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From: Boston

Time: 2000-04-07 19:19:18

Comments: Have worked either as staff or on cntract since 1967. Over the years have contributed mainly to SAY BROTHER as a researcher and sometimes producer. Have also done research for FRONTLINE and am now attempting to produce a piece on Pushkin with Mike Sullivan, the executive producer of that series. Was on the crew of the first SAY BROTHER show for which I have subsequently written and produced three one hour specials: “African Derivations,” “Balthazar” and “Search for the Blackamoor” and a half hour docudrama entitled, “Jan Matzelligar, the Man and the Machine.” Worked as a crew member for the first African American drama series on national TV, “On Being Black” and was assistant stage manager for the four operas we staged back in the early 70’s. I currently maintain the FRONTLINE website we initiated for Jue Cross’ Emmy Award winner, “Secret Daughter.”

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From: Winthrop, MA

Time: 2000-04-07 19:05:23

Comments: I’ve been gone from the station for 14 years, (1975-1986), but I’m still active in national television production as President of The Carver Group, located in Boston. My latest film, The Story of Golf, is airing nationally on CBS on April 8 and 9 leading into the Masters Golf Tournament. The film was nominated for an Emmy. Can’t wait to see you all at the Reunion.

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From: Chicago

Time: 2000-04-07 17:39:13

Comments: Just talked to Emily Lovering about the reunion and am really sorry to be missing it. My stint at WGBH from 1963 – 1966 was my favorite job and workplace. I went on to become a lawyer, a state tax lawyer for Shell Oil and then Chevron, and am now at the accounting firm, Grant Thornton, serving as their National Coordinator for State and Local Taxes. Such a change from working on the music productions at GBH.

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From: Wayland, MA

Time: 2000-04-07 15:15:21

Comments: Whoever thought of the concept of this reunion and website had a real stroke of genius as well as a lot of guts. Imagine reconnecting all these people who simultaneously loved and despised each other for so many years. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again. I really do miss the chatter of the loudspeaker paging someone for some meaningless phone call. “John Beck, your car is on fire.”. “Victor Campos, please report to radio master control, Ray Dolby is on the line for you.” “Robert J, your record is skipping.” My favorite memory, by far, was the great blizzard of whatever year it was when about 20 or 30 of us brave souls kept the station on the air, as Chas Norton shuttled us back and forth in his 4×4 from the old Howard Johnson’s hotel on Mem drive. I stayed in Boston since leaving GBH in 1988, (having worked in radio and for the 10 Oclock news between 1972 and 1988). I walked in the door as a Northeastern Coop student faced with the choice of interning with the “Reporters” or with Judy Stoia’s 2-person radio news team. Being far too skinny and awkward to ever hope to be on TV, I opted for radio, and still thank the day I made that decision. It was a time when NPR was in its infancy and GBH was one of its chief contributors. I can recall during the Nixon impeachment hearings when WGBH, WNYC, and NPR did a 36-hour straight reading of the Nixon White House transcripts (I was John Dean.) This was in the pre-satellite days when NPR was interconnected by one low-quality TELCO line. John Moran, who was doing the mix for the program behind an old RCA board decided he wanted to re-wire the board WHILE the program was on the air. To no one’s surprise, WGBH successfully pulled the whole NPR system off the air for 4 hours. Having spent more than seven wonderful years with the folks at the Christian Science Monitor, I am now getting into my own audio trouble these days as producer and Senior Editor for NPR’s Jazz Profiles with Nancy Wilson. I am able to do it by remote control from my studio/home/office in Wayland, MA. I’m also the marketing and distribution manager for all of Deutsche Welle television and radio in the U.S. My wife and I have a small company that helps DW-tv and radio place programming on PBS, NPR, as well as cable and satellite TV. We do all this with three small children (5, 8, and 11) scampering around the house. The commute is great – but the hours stink. I look forward to seeing you all. (I’m a little less skinny these days, but still quite awkward) Greg Fitzgerald

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From: Boston

Time: 2000-04-07 14:28:03

Comments: Looking forward to seeing old friends and to meeting the legendary figures of yesteryear. I’m still here, produced a bunch of shows for Michael Ambrosino‘s ODYSSEY and RING of TRUTH series, producing and writing for the Museum of Science, publishers, software companies (I call those paradocs), and teaching at the Harvard Ed School. Additional links to WGBH accompanied my marriage to Harriet (Gold) Reisen’s big brother David. Enjoying the insight that comes with experience…and the fun.

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From: Durango Colorado

Time: 2000-04-07 05:45:15

Comments: Somehow I thought missing the reunion wouldn’t matter that much; after all I was only the freelance photographer for a few years (1970-76?) but looking back and reminiscing through the guestbook I realize these days and the people who filled them were among the best, most creative times and friendships of my life. What a place, huh? And I got to capture so many of you on film (and I’ve lugged this huge file cabinet around from DC to San Francisco to Taos and now to Durango so if anyone is looking for negatives from the era of The Advocates, ZOOM, How Can I Tell You, All About You, etc. (or for Phil Collyer’s daughter’s first day of kindergarten) trying me is a good idea. Have a wonderful time everyone! And what a brilliant idea put into reality. The only other comment I can make is the sorrow we all feel with the passing of so many people who were so important to us all. I am deeply grieved at the recent loss of Peter Downey. Let us remember to take advantage of the moments of each day. My best to everyone! Have a most wonderful time! (And Steve Gilford can fill you in most of what I’ve done for the past twenty or so years! See his bio for news of our wonderful sons.) Bliss (happily engaged in education reform in Colorado, and keeping my hand in video production via rural public access and travel with wild and fearless adolescent journalists!)

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Website: Exhibitgroup / Giltspur

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From: Brooklyn NY

Time: 2000-04-07 00:30:51

Comments: Natalie and I are eagerly anticipating the get-together

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From: Here and there…oh and Needham, MA

Time: 2000-04-06 20:34:47

Comments: Looking forward to seeing some old (but TOO old) familiar faces at the reunion…

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From: Saint Paul, MINNESOTA

Time: 2000-04-06 16:06:24

Comments: Don’t know whether this is the place exactly, but yes! we are coming to the reunion –– with Noah, our son, in tow. Soon, soon, RAH [Nancy’s e-mail is: nancyhauser (at) aol (dot) com]

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From: Cohasset, MA

Time: 2000-04-06 15:08:14

Comments: I’ve just discovered this web site and feel as if I’ve opened a page – no, a book! -from the past. I was at ‘GBH from 1968 to 1976, first as a Prod. Asst. in the Education Div., then as Assoc. Producer for Religious America – Philip Garvin, where ARE you?? I left in l976 to pursue the profession of Motherhood. For those of you who remember D.Keith, our daughter, Jessica (whose birth was announced on the Auction almost 25 years ago!), graduated from Bates, married last summer, and is in her second year with Teach for America. Two years after leaving ‘GBH I married a wonderful guy from England/Bahamas. We lived in California for a while, returning to N.Eng. with two more children – Colin, who is now in the University of N.Dakota Aerospace program doing all sorts of unspeakable things in very small planes, and Melissa, who will enter Miami U. in Ohio next fall. Life is good! I’m looking forward to the 8th, and happy to no longer be amongst the “Lost Souls”!

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From: Boulder, CO

Time: 2000-04-05 20:00:55

Comments: Yikes! I leave tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

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From: Arlington and Plymouth, MA

Time: 2000-04-05 15:16:45

Comments: Left WGBH in 1975 due to birth of oldest daughter. Now have two daughters one just graduated from Oberlin the other about to graducate from Colby in May. Their names are Aldis and Bradley. For the last twelve years I have worked at the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School as a librarian specializing in picture books, on the Lower School Admissions team and running their Early Morning program for the youngest children in the Lower School. My husband and I are building a house on Long Pond in Plymouth where we will retire in a very few years. Still own a beautiful thoroughbred horse; we are aging together! I am very active in the Fiber Arts community and spent many years teaching spinning and felting. etc….

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From: Born in Dallas; reborn in Austin; migrated to Boston to join LICBC in 1949…now living in Port Washington, NY

Time: 2000-04-04 23:29:08

Comments: With fondest recollections and in loving memory of Ralph Lowell, Parker Wheatley, Hartford N. Gunn, Jr., Bill Busiek, Jordan Whitelaw and countless others, living and dead, who transformed my life…from the earliest days of the Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council at 28 Newbury St, Boston…through the halcyon days of WGBH-FM at Symphony Hall…to the formative days of WGBH-FM-TV at 84 Mass. Ave, Cambridge…leading to the extraordinary development of WGBH 2000, undoubtedly the preeminent public broadcasting facility in the USA. “How do I Love Thee, let me count the ways…” ~ JDS

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From: Born in Dallas; reborn in Austin; migrated to Boston to join LICBC in 1949…now living in Port Washington, NY

Time: 2000-04-04 23:13:44

Comments: With fondest recollections and in loving memory of Ralph Lowell, Parker Wheatley, Hartford N. Gunn, Jr.,Jordan Whitelaw and uncounted others, living and dead, who transformed my life…from the earliest days of the Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council at 28 Newbury St, Boston…through the halcyon days of WGBH-FM at Symphony Hall…to the formative days of WGBH-FM-TV at 84 Mass. Ave, Cambridge…leading to the extraordinary development of WGBH 2000, undoubtedly the preeminent public broadcasting facility in the USA. “How do I Love Thee, let me count the ways…” ~ JDS

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From: Born in Dallas; reborn in Austin; migrated to Boston to join LICBC in 1949…now living in Port Washington, NY

Time: 2000-04-04 23:11:10

Comments: With fondest recollections and in loving memory of Ralph Lowell, Parker Wheatley, Hartford N. Gunn, Jr.,Jordan Whitelaw and uncounted others, living and dead, who transformed my life…from the earliest days of the Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council at 28 Newbury St, Boston…through the halcyon days of WGBH-FM at Symphony Hall…to the formative days of WGBH-FM-TV at 84 Mass. Ave, Cambridge…leading to the extraordinary development of WGBH 2000, undoubtedly the preeminent public broadcasting facility in the USA. “How do I Love Thee, let me count the ways…” ~ JDS

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From: Cambridge

Time: 2000-04-04 22:07:40

Comments: What a great idea. Thanks to those of you who organized this. I’ve shifted from broadcast media to new media and work as a consultant in the dot com industry, in companies like and See you all on Saturday.

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From: Cambridge, MA

Time: 2000-04-04 21:55:47

Comments: I can’t miss it!

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From: Newton, MA

Time: 2000-04-03 22:09:44

Comments: I’m really looking forward to this!

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From: N.H.

Time: 2000-04-03 21:54:25

Comments: Can’t wait to see everyone! This was a great idea, and thank you to all who pulled it together. Judy

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From: Cleveland, Tennessee

Time: 2000-04-03 02:50:04


Won’t be at the reunion but hope to have a spiritual presence there. ? Was at WGBH (the part with pictures) circa ’63-68.

Lug, Tug and Breadtruck

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From: Framingham, MA

Time: 2000-04-02 17:37:12

Comments: I’m really looking forward to the reunion.My days at The Caption Center hold many fond memories. For the past nine years I have been operating my own custom drapery workroom. Currently I’m fabricating draperies and home furnishings for designers in the Boston area as well as in Connecticut and Maine. I’ve discovered my artistic inclinations and I truly enjoy what I’m doing. I have two sons ?Benjamin, whom some of you may remember as a baby, is almost twenty-one years old and is a jazz-performance major , and Caleb, who is a freshman in high school. Roger and I divorced nine years ago. Life has had its ups and downs, but I’ve learned so much in the journey.

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From: Arlington, MA

Time: 2000-04-01 16:40:58

Comments: I really thought I had signed this several weeks ago. Erg! So that is what being 55 is all about. I started at GBH when I was 21. A cause for pause. I was there until 1978 when I moved to NYC, blah, blah, blah. Anhow, I’m fine and lead a good and often happy life. See you April 8

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From: South Natick, MA

Time: 2000-04-01 14:45:27

Comments: At my age, aphasia and amnesia sneak up on you. Have I registered before? I’m still kind of at WGBH, since I am a regular panelist on SAYS YOU!, the station’s weekly comedy quiz show now filling up the NPR airwaves with laughter. Listen in and listen up! I’ll be at the reunion to discuss what has become more than 30 years of my life, off and on at WGBH.

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From: Watertown, MA

Time: 2000-04-01 11:37:52

Comments: Looking forward to Saturday.

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From: Arlington, MA

Time: 2000-03-31 18:26:20

Comments: GOOD EVENING. Looking forward to reconnecting with some of the original pioneers of captioned tv ? from the days when the captions were stored on 10-pound disks the size of turkey platters, and the words were prone to break into jibberish and slide off the tv screen like tablescraps off a greasy plate. AND THAT’S THE NEWS TONIGHT. (I still have the t-shirt!)

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From: Boston area

Time: 2000-03-31 17:18:22

Comments: Saving my comments for the 9th.

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From: Washington, DC

Time: 2000-03-31 17:19:19

Comments: That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

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From: wedu tampa

Time: 2000-03-31 15:53:01

Comments: looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! its been a while!

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From: Boston, MA

Time: 2000-03-31 14:30:04

Comments: Now entering my 31st year at WGBH. It has been a glorious and swinging affair! I look forward to hearing from many of my old friends who I had the pleasure of working with. As “ol’ blue eyes” says, “the best is yet to come.” Can’t wait to hear from you. Ron “Radio” Della Chiesa, the guy with the golden voice and the great smile. A true legend in my own mind! Over the years some of my in studio guests have included Tony Bennett, Henry Mancini, Luciano Pavarotti, Rosemary Clooney, Sarah Vaughn, Robert Merrill, Carol Channing, Sammy Cahn, Artie Shaw, Arthur Fiedler, and many other greats from the world of show business. Most of all, I give thanks to some of my favorite composers, including Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.

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From: Annapolis, MD

Time: 2000-03-29 14:50:38

Comments: I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces that don’t seem a day older than the last time.

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From: Annandale, Va. (outside DC)

Time: 2000-03-26 20:04:46

Comments: Looking forward to the Reunion. What a great idea!! For us survivors!

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From: presently Berlin, Germany

Time: 2000-03-25 19:09:57

Comments: I was an Associate Producer on the very exciting first two years of NOVA in 1973-75. Then in 1975-77 and in 1980 I developed the labor series MADE IN U.S.A. for GBH as Producer and then Executive Producer. These days I’m mostly in Berlin, Germany, working as a writer-director-producer on documentary and dramatic films, mostly on historical subjects and designed for the US and international markets. My fifteen-year-old son, Ben, is enrolled in the German-American John F. Kennedy “ick bin ein Berliner” School here and loves it. Sorry I’ve been so out of touch that I just learned about the reunion and am not sure I can make it on such short notice, but I’ll certainly try!

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Time: 2000-03-24 15:04:58

Comments: Looking forward to it Howard Husock Ten O’Clock News

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From: I now live in Lexington, MA. Is that what you mean?

Time: 2000-03-22 19:46:27

Comments: Bunny Chesler e-mailed me with info about the reunion. My main connections with WGBH started with hosting the initial Channel 2 program (and series), when we first went on the air. I remember eight such connections. There may be some that have slipped from memory. 1. May 2, 1955 “Come and See” which I initially co-hosted with Mary Lou Adams (later Von Klock? And later Cubbage). The program was aimed at young children, aired three or four times a week that first year. Mary Lou (who left after four months) died ca 1996 of kidney failure. Is producer-director Ralph Tangney extant? 2. “Music Grade II” (what an imaginative title!) about 1957, for in-school viewing by second grade classes. 3. “Sing, Children, Sing” After a two-year tour of Asia and Africa singing American folk songs, I returned in 1961 to revise and expand “Music Grade II” into “Sing, Children, Sing” which was distributed nationally. 4. The series referred to in bio #27 comprised a series of programs used in two different ways: Locally (Eastern MA, southern NH and RI) it was part of the in-school schedule, known as “Field Trip Specials.” Nationally, NET (National Educational Television, predecessor of PBS) used these on-location programs as part of “What’s New” which was a series for home viewing, aimed primarily at upper elementary and Junior High viewers. I may have forgotten some of the venues where we made programs, but I remember the Charles W. Morgan at Mystic, CT; Plymouth Plantation (and maybe the Mayflower III?), Fort Ticonderoga, Paul Revere’s Boston, Saugus Ironworks, the Shaker Community in New Lebanon, NY and Hancock, MA, the Museum of Transportation then in Brookline…anybody remember others? 5. Three music series that I wrote and hosted for Western Instructional Television in Hollywood. One of them is “Let’s All Sing” which aired for some years on WGBH-TV. 6. I remember doing a humorous fund-raising promotion with David Ives and many of the GBH staff (looking sour at David’s song before joining in scattered polite applause). 7. The holiday special, “Circle of Lights,” produced by WGBH with Pete Seeger, Bernice Reagon, the Pennywhistlers, Doc Watson and others. It aired in December for many years. 8. My main current connection with Channel 2 is annually being a volunteer auctioneer. I love doing that, and it’s nostalgic for me – live TV is all we had on “Come and See 45 years ago. Any mistakes went right out to the public. (Oh, if these old lips could talk!) Off-screen, I call contra dances (and square dances), give concerts of songs nobody else sings, and make occasional recordings.

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Time: 2000-03-21 19:39:41

Comments: I worked as a fundraising assistant from 1976-1980 (in the old trailer at 110 Western Avenue). I am presently the Public Relations Officer for Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. I’m hoping to attend the Reunion on April 8th!

Name: [block]49[/block]

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From: new orleans

Time: 2000-03-20 18:06:48

Comments: I was a reporter for the Ten O’Clock News from 75-78 and have great memories of hard work, wonderful friends and a terrific team of reporters and producers…folks like Gary Griffith, Pam Bullard, Judy Stoia, Art Cohen, Steve Curwood, Chris Lydon, Ed Baumeister and Bob Ferrante. I moved to New Orleans in 78 to run the programming at the public tv station and have happily settled into life here. Have had my own consulting business for the past 15 years and don’t miss production work at all. Married Larry Eustis, a native New Orleanian, and we have sons 20 and 15. We fish avidly, enjoy the local music and cultural scene, play tennis outdoors year round, run gardening classes in the public schools, and generally relish life in the south. Visit Boston every few years, and always feel pride in having worked at WGBH. Great comraderie. Karin Giger

Name: [block]50[/block]

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From: Arlington, MA

Time: 2000-03-20 15:56:42

Comments: I don’t quite qualify as a WGBHer in the 70s, but since I was being trained and mentored by Michael Ambrosino and Chris Sarson on independent projects (that aired on WGBH) during those years, and joined GBH on staff in the early 80s, I’ll be crashing the party!

Name: [block]51[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Baltimore/Philadelphia/Boston

Time: 2000-03-20 15:33:14

Comments: What a terrific idea! I just made the cut (started in November ’79) but I think it would be great if staff from the ’80’s came too….

Name: [block]52[/block]

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Time: 2000-03-19 02:40:19

Comments: Will be attending the reunion

Name: [block]53[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New York, NY

Time: 2000-03-15 21:13:03

Comments: I’m actually quite touched to find myself on the guest list since I was never on the staff of WGBH. I was in the Education dept. of the MFA as TV Lecturer working with WGBH on the Museum Open House series 1963-1967 and later independently on other projects. I believe Don Hallock directed my audition for the MOH job, and bears a lot of responsibility for diverting a serious painter onto a wayward path. I figured if nice guys like that were involved it couldn’t be too bad. There’s a book out about my painting (Masters in Pieces: The Art of Russell Connor, Foreword by Arthur Danto, Chas.Tuttle Co. 1997) in which I blame a lot of my current “appropriation” painting based on art history on a skewed perspective derived from TV, Museums and video art. Had a museum retrospective of my work in France in 1997. I had a lot of friends at the station, Barzyk, Beach, Atwood,etc.and fond memories. Love to see them all but not sure I can make it. I wish you all a grand time – you have much to be proud of. If you come to NYC come visit my studio opposite Carnegie Hall and bring any rich collector friends…..

Name: [block]54[/block]

Website: The Mary Ellen Pleasant Homepage

Referred by: From a Friend

From: I’m now in San Francisco

Time: 2000-03-15 17:20:02


I’m happy to hear about the reunion. Sadly, I can’t be there, but I remember ‘GBH and all of my friends there fondly.

I’m currently teaching at U.C. Berkeley and have aired a documentary on The Classical Song of Black Composers, called “An Unsung Muse.” I’m now writing one on Mary Ellen Pleasant, a Nantucket abolitionist and former Bostonian, who is called the Mother of Civil Rights in California. I’m known as the foremost authority on her and am writing my fourth work on her life. There’s much interest in a feature film and documentary on Pleasant, so I may be again in media. Warmest Regards ? Susheel Bibbs

My GBH HIstory

’72 ? ZOOM Talent Coordinator

73-75 The Spider’s Web (Producer); Director of Music

Program Development, GBH-Radio

77 ? Exec. Producer of ZOOM

80-81 Producer/development of a GBH Arts Ed. Series

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From: Pembroke, MA

Time: 2000-03-15 02:24:26

Comments: Started at NOVA as secretary to Michael Ambrosino, then to John Angier. Eventually found my way into production and left in the 80’s (Emmy in hand!) Am freelancing and still loving it! Can’t wait to see everyone and get all caught up!

Name: [block]57[/block]

Website: KET

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From: Louisville, KY

Time: 2000-03-14 15:41:51

Comments: I stumbled into WGBH in the fall of ’91 as an intern from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, determined to career-shift from newspaper journalism. I was apprenticed to Paul Solman and Lori Cohen, and how they must have struggled with my naivete. I had no idea, for example, that flogging and midnight hazing were part of the traditional initiation into public broadcasting, nor did I realize I had to swim the Charles. A stern discipline, in short, but one that made a person of me, and an ed-TV person to boot. When I think of those days so full of hope and hard work, I’m not ashamed to say my eyes fill with tears of gratitude. ? Ira Simmons

Name: [block]59[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Brockton, MA

Time: 2000-03-14 04:42:55

Comments: Greetings to all, and looking forward to seeing so many old friends at the Reunion. I began as a studio volunteer for “The King” in 1959. After my BU Scholar year in 1961-62, I was hired by Greg Harney as the cameraman to replace the recently resigned Don Hallock! Was never the cameraman Don was, but it was a good choice to work for ‘GBH where I have been ever since! Became a director, producer, executive producer, Director of the Education Division, founder and first Director of The Caption Center. Later, Director of Television Operations, then into Development as Director of Donor Acquisition. After that, I became Director of Special Events. Since the mid 70’s I have been Executive Producer of the ‘GBH Auction, now in its 35th year. Producing the Auction is my main responsibility now. So many wonderful experiences the past 40+ years, so many fine colleagues!! I have been married to Marie, a volunteer I met when we worked at the Catholic TV Center after the Fire, since 1963. We have 4 children (2 of whom work in TV) and at this writing, 3 grandsons. ‘GBH has certainly changed since the days of 84 Mass Ave., when I first entered their doors. But many things are the same about the place ?things that have made it a pleasure to work there all these years. Thanks to Freddy and his group who have put this Reunion together, and to Don and his “advisors” who have made this Web Page so interesting. See you in April!

Name: [block]60[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: St. Charles, iL

Time: 2000-03-13 23:18:13

Comments: Somebody was looking for Nam June Paik. I just saw his Guggenheim installation on CBS Sunday Morning Yesterday. He has had a couple of strokes but is still creating a full museum installation with video and laser shows. Maybe someone in New York has a contact. Dave Nohling. Also there is a copy of Laughter’s A funny Business at the University of Georgia (acsession # 39558882) which has designer Dave Robertson, Lighting by Vento, Produced with Edwin Pettet from Brandeis, and has the cast in skits from a psychiatrists office, and a Shakespeare Falstaff skit. Allan Siegel, Lois Zetter, and Leanore Friedland. (Jack Sommers you may remember went to Pittsburgh WQED-FM as the first station Manager in the Mid 60s. When he died, his wife Ceci took over as the station manager for many years. I think the kine is available on interlibrary loan, if anyne wantsd to contact them. at the University of Georgia. Library. Dave Nohling

Name: [block]61[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Taos, NM

Time: 2000-03-13 22:34:19

Comments: I was delighted to hear about the reunion and I plan to be there. GBH was one of the most memorable parts of my life and I look forward to seeing former co-workers and friends. I worked in the art dept from ’66-’68. It was a ball. Now I live in beautiful Taos, paint, do yoga and enjoy life! See you soon!

Name: [block]62[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: St. Paul, MN

Time: 2000-03-13 04:29:28

Comments: Thank you someone, for finding me through the station where I work part-time…. Where are all the Radio people from the late ’70’s? Can’t be there on April 8th, but I do think of you.

Name: [block]63[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Westport, CT

Time: 2000-03-10 20:19:45

Comments: Looking forward to see the folks from The Ten O’Clock News circa 1979-80.

Name: [block]64[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-03-09 01:40:04

Comments: Looking forward to seeing old friends.

Name: [block]65[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge, MA

Time: 2000-03-09 00:36:00

Comments: Thanks!

Name: [block]66[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Foxboro

Time: 2000-03-07 01:06:33

Comments: It’s been a long time since I have seen or spoken to many of you. I am currently working as a foreman on a site at Mass General Hospital for Walsh Brothers Construction. Do you have any pictures of the Blizzard of 1978? Many things in my life have changed since my days at GBH. I no longer am sporting long hair. May 1997, I married and this past July became the father of twins! I’m looking forward to the reunion and seeing you all!

Name: [block]67[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Maine

Time: 2000-03-06 15:47:26

Comments: Hi everyone, Looking forward to catching up with some of the “old” fundraising gang. Hope you’ll be there!

Name: [block]68[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Cornwall, CT and New York City

Time: 2000-03-05 16:01:42

Comments: I thought we did this already but here we are again. And we’re coming to the celebration OF COURSE.

Name: [block]69[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Ithaca, NY

Time: 2000-03-04 14:40:20

Comments: I look forward to the reunion!

Name: [block]70[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: New York, NY

Time: 2000-03-03 17:52:22

Comments: I go back to the first Monday following the weekend opening of WGBH-FM in 1951. While never a member of the staff, I was assigned by Nursery Training School (now Eliot-Pearson) at Tufts to do a 5-day per week, half-hour program for 3-to-5-year-old kids ?”Children’s Circle” ? that ran from ’51 to ’55. My directors included Ralph Tangney, Jack Summerfield, and — for the longest stretch — Ray Wilding-White. I think that we (Larry and I) were the first intramural (if not precisely staff-staff) marriage, in June 1953. Delighted to see that a number of really old old-timers have already logged in: Mary Lela and Ted Sherburne, Mike Ambrosino, Judy Martin Larsen (as she was known then), Bob Moscone, and Bill Cosel. We are both looking forward to April 8 and auld lang syne!

Name: [block]71[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Deltaville, VA 23043

Time: 2000-03-03 17:53:56

Comments: Remember the night Louis Lyons went on the air in the little studio and we began the whole thing? It was great to be there.

Name: [block]72[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: New York City

Time: 2000-03-03 17:16:37

Comments: In “One Way to Run a Railroad,” (see “Ancient Images and Anecdotes,” p. 26), Ray Wilding-White observes, only slightly hyperbolically, that WGBH “…was made a reality with hairpins and bailing-wire by the heroic efforts of a bunch of dedicated, overworked and underpaid young maniacs who hardly knew a microphone from a zebra when they started on radio and positively did not know a camera from a Greyhound bus when they went into TV.” I was one of that bunch, having come to work at the Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council (LICBC) in July 1947, just out of college, at $50 per week. As one of a staff of seven (including two secretaries), I spent the next four years in a variety of jobs: assistant producer-director, tape editor, publicity writer, administrative assistant to the director, annual report compiler and editor, etc. • The startup of WGBH-FM in ’51, offered new opportunities. Regular production responsibilities covered a wide range: “Old Books, Old Friends,” “Weekend Trails,” and perhaps most enduringly (and endearingly), “Backgrounds,” with Louis Lyons. A Fulbright Research Fellowship in ’53 led to ten months in Paris, accompanied by newly-acquired bride (Nancy Harper of “Children’s Circle” fame) and two stepchildren. (I think ours was the first in-house marriage.) • Returning to Boston in July ’54, I was disappointed to learn that somebody else would be in charge of programming for WGBH-TV, but along with the rest of the old crew, soldiered on. Daughter Maggie (whom some 84 Mass. Ave. veterans may remember in a baby basket) arrived in October. Re-tooling Louis Lyons’s news and “Backgrounds” programs for the shift to TV offered more than enough challenges as we prepared for the launch of WGBH-TV. • Following the “palace revolt” of May, 1957, I spent ten years exploring the New York jungle as: (1) director of a closed-circuit community television experiment sponsored by the Ford Foundation’s Fund for the Advancement of Education; (2) executive editor of the National Association of Broadcasters’ Television Information Office, (a promotional undertaking designed to improve commercial TV’s image in the wake of the 1959 quiz scandals; (3) editorial director of the CBS corporate information staff (an especially egregious mismatch of personality and style); and (4) freelance “communications consultant,” an exercise in commuting between Plethora and Paucity. When not turning down jobs because of schedule conflicts, I was standing in line to collect unemployment insurance. (Daughter Rebekah, a 1957 pre-Christmas present, was later responsible for my five-year flirtation with a substantial mustache.) • In 1967, I settled down to 27 years with Visual Information Systems, the company that invented narrowcasting, i.e., using the new technology of helical-scan videotape recording (which ultimately led to the VCR) to communicate with small, targeted audiences, such as physicians, lawyers, architects, and other professionals. • All in all, a checkered career ? even some time in the commercial enemy’s camp. But for me, nothing that came later compared with the excitement (and fun) of those first ten years in Boston, despite the many frustrations that attended Parker Wheatley’s idiosyncratic leadership style. LICBC and WGBH in those days were something special, and I look back with pleasure and something akin to amazement. Those of us who were “present at the creation” believed that there had to be a viable alternative to the vast wasteland, and we wanted to make our contribution. That WGBH is still here suggests that we were not completely wrong.

Name: [block]73[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: London, UK

Time: 2000-02-29 09:55:34

Comments: none

Name: [block]74[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Newton, MA

Time: 2000-02-27 12:27:40

Comments: I’m smiling as I picture meeting everyone again at the reunion. Just typing these words brings back that time, one week after college graduation, when I first went to work in the little red building by the Museum of Science. Still working happily with pictures and sounds … and looking forward to April 8.

Name: [block]75[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend


Time: 2000-02-26 16:47:22

Comments: I worked in Radio,TV and Film from 1973 to 1980

Name: [block]76[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Waltham, MA

Time: 2000-02-24 13:15:10

Comments: It’s 8am in Waltham and I’m doing my pre-shower checking of e-mail and the Net. Opened up the GBH website and … wow, I could stay here all day. Reading the entries brings back so many memories and so many thoughts and feelings. The reunion weekend will be beyond memorable … so many years … so many people! I am no longer at WGBH (who ever thought it would happen) although still work with Fred B. on independent projects – otherwise, living happily :-)

Name: [block]77[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Charlotte, NC

Time: 2000-02-23 21:57:53

Comments: I was the producer and talent on Discovery, one of WGBH’s first programs. In fact Discovery was the second program ever broadcast from the station. It also was the first program to win a national television award,the Sylvania Award given for the production of a program on a New England spider, entitled Charlotte’s Web.Discovery was later produced in Chicago at WTTW. Married to E. G. Sherburne Jr. who was the first Program Manager at WGBH.We both now live in Charlotte North Carolina. You can reach us at the above e-mail address. We certainly hope to attend the April 8 event and would like to know more about the event.

Name: [block]78[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New Braintree, MA/ Tucson, AZ/ Concession, NS

Time: 2000-02-23 05:44:55

Comments: No Comment- at least not yet!

Name: [block]79[/block]

Referred by: Net Search

From: Boston

Time: 2000-02-22 18:11:13

Comments: I look forward to seeing everyone from the earlier days, when GBH was smaller, when we all knew about and were inspired by each others’ projects, and when life, energy, and short term memory seemed endless.

Name: [block]80[/block]

Website: Living On Earth

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge, MA

Time: 2000-02-18 03:35:29

Comments: Where are Mike Kolowich, Steve Nevis, Karen Giger, Pam Bullard, Bob Ferrante, Ed Baumeister, Janet McFadden, Chris Lydon and a whole bunch of other folks when Ten O’Clock needs them so badly???

Name: [block]82[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend


Time: 2000-02-18 02:38:36

Comments: Tony Kahn (my husband since 1982)and I look forward to counting chins, wallowing in 20th-century nostalgia, and exchanging FAQ’s with all at ‘GBH in April.

Name: [block]83[/block]

Website: Scottish Lion, oddly enough

Referred by: From a Friend

From: North Conway NH 03860-1700

Time: 2000-02-17 19:55:13

Comments: I was interested to see, on the web site, that Fred Barzyk used to live in an actual dwelling. Judging from the size of the bills he used to hand in, I thought he lived in a taxi. Looking forward to see lots of old friends in April. (Including you, Fred. Do you need a ride?)

Name: [block]85[/block]

Website: Boston Science Comm., Inc.

Referred by: Clicked on a ‘Guestbooks by GuestWorld’ Button

From: Boston

Time: 2000-02-17 17:32:35

Comments: I’ll be there.

Name: [block]86[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: South Natick, MA

Time: 2000-02-16 21:55:08

Comments: The real irony here is that I am still at WGBH, and so are many of the folks who were there 25-30 years ago. Just ask Tony Kahn, Dick Bartlett, Ann Damon, Henry Becton, Olivia Tappan and Fred Barzyk! I can mostly be found on the radio side as a regular panelist on the weekly comedy quiz show, SAYS YOU! Looking forward to the reunion!

Name: [block]87[/block]

Referred by: AOL

From: Here there and everywhere ? also Needham, MA

Time: 2000-02-16 18:32:05

Comments: Thanks for all your efforts to put this reunion together. It sounds like a blast and I will make every effort to be there wherever it is ? WGBH?

Name: [block]88[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Lincoln, Mass

Time: 2000-02-16 18:07:21

Comments: This is a fine idea fathered by His highness of fine ideas, Fred Barzyk. I’m looking forward to seeing many an alum. How are we going to fit all of us in three hours?

Name: [block]89[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-02-16 17:08:27

Comments: Brooks, the Russian language series was a Harvard Extension course on TV. I directed it. I think it was called Russian A Television Course. Fred Barzyk

Name: [block]90[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Cambridge

Time: 2000-02-15 18:31:48

Comments: More will come soon, I promise. I just can’t go to the meeting tonight without having signed the guestbook. Thanks

Name: [block]91[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Natick, MA

Time: 2000-02-15 14:35:57

Comments: I came to ‘GBH right out of college and started as a Production Assistant on “Catch 44” and “Elliot Norton Reviews”. Later, I worked on “The Ten o’clock News”, “ZOOM”, sports, how-tos, and more, until becoming promotion producer for several years. After being there for 10 years, I left and came back 5 years later for another 6 years in advertising and on-air promotion.

Name: [block]92[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-02-13 21:44:46

Comments: Looking forward to seeing some long-lost friends at the reunion.

Name: [block]93[/block]

Website: Pilot Video

Referred by: From a Friend

From: San Francisco, CA

Time: 2000-02-13 21:23:40

Comments: I was involved with Ron Hays’ Music Image Workshop and the Paik Abe video synthesizer. Where are Dorothy Chiasa, Dave Atwood, Fred Barzak, and Olivia Tappan? I’m making business-to-business and fund-raising videos primarily, have also directed and edited several issues-oriented PBS docs, and am developing a feature music project with jazz musician Pharoah Sanders.

Name: [block]95[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Roanoke, Virginia

Time: 2000-02-12 20:55:46

Comments: I began work in the Engineering Department in 1973 and moved shortly into the TV News Department first with the 7:30 program and then with the Ten O’Clock News. Ferrante was my boss. I have many pictures and great memories from those days. I remain good friends with Dave DeBarger and have emailed some with Ferrante. I look forward to hearing about everyone else as time goes by. I left in late 1979 to move to Roanoke, Virginia, where I remain. I am now Administrative Assistant at a large Methodist church. I wanted to stay in television, but there were no opportunities when I got down here.

Name: [block]96[/block]

Website: Greenfield Family Newsletter

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Hingham, MA/Scarborough, ME

Time: 2000-02-11 16:54:34

Comments: I look forward to seeing everyone ? what a GREAT event

Name: [block]97[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Seattle, Washington

Time: 2000-02-10 03:39:45

Comments: Just got the invite to the reunion (so, how did you track me down)…can’t believe it’s been 20 (count ’em ? 20) years since I left the station…anyway, I’m probably the only person in Seattle WITHOUT Microsoft stock options…I take that back…Maggi (Bordett) Lubov doesn’t have any either. Where did we go wrong? This site is great…

Name: [block]98[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Lincoln, MA

Time: 2000-02-08 19:19:00

Comments: Bad timing (for me) for the reunion party. I would love to have gone, especially since it’s 15 min. from my home, but duty calls me away this time every year, and this one is no exception. The consolation prize is that at least I may find some of the “auld ones” via this site.

Name: [block]99[/block]

Website: John B. Gray

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Planet Zenon

Time: 2000-02-08 02:50:17

Comments: What a lovely idea and many thanks for it! Comments? ¡ You Betcha! I am so grateful to you-all, especially Bob Larsen who kindly invited me to join you in wildness and integrity. Saludos to you David, Rick, Freddie, Steve, Olivia, Chas, Phil, Wil, Connnie, Jim, Bob, Eric, Sylvia, Fran, your names keep tumbling forth… and of course for sending me to Brice Howard who was my mentor for years after. Thank you everyone! John B. Gray Age 61 Alive and Well

Name: [block]101[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Hingham, MA

Time: 2000-02-07 22:29:34

Comments: So glad you’re doing this. Will be there and hope there’ll be EARLY WGBHers there. Began in Symphony Hall (radio) 1955, continued to Mass Avenue until 1959, and so good to see messages from Bob Moscone, who taught me to do the twist, Dan Beach, Don Quayle, Chris Sarson and to reminded of early TV, and of Bob and all he did. Thanks for mentioning him,Emily. My husband and I bought Bill Pierce’s house in Hingham! His spirit is here too! See you at the reunion.

Name: [block]102[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-02-07 18:58:43

Comments: will be there

Name: [block]103[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-02-07 16:19:58

Comments: Looking forward to it!

Name: [block]104[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: London

Time: 2000-02-07 12:10:38

Comments: Worked on first NOVAs 1973/4

Name: [block]105[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Needham, MA

Time: 2000-02-07 01:31:28

Comments: Was at WGBH from 1975-1995. Seems like so long ago until I go back for a visit and then it seems like yesterday. Hope to get there for the reunion.

Name: [block]106[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Plattsburgh NY

Time: 2000-02-06 19:50:57

Comments: This sounds like fun! Looking forward to April 8.

Name: [block]107[/block]

Website: Voyager Sound Inc.

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Weston, Mass

Time: 2000-02-05 21:52:17

Comments: Received reunion flyer in mail. Worked at WGBH from 1974-1980. Plan to come to reunion

Name: [block]109[/block]

Website: PBS Online (of course!)

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Alexandria Virginia

Time: 2000-02-05 17:51:09

Comments: Wow, bring on the memories… 1968-1972. Facilities scheduler (trainied by Dave DeBarger and worked for Alan Hinderstein in the days when we only had two color tape machines to schedule). Studio crew (playing second fiddle switcher to Kathy Smith, but did swtich a NET Playhouse once with Jac Venza directing when Kathy decided to give birth a few days early ?-thanks, Kathy!). Mail Room/Traffic Manager/Tape Librarian (created the first computerized tape inventory using the big old IBM mainframe in Helen O’Malley’s office every Friday night. Hired Howard Lowe (now GM of Mountain Lakes PBS in Plattsburgh NY and Kate Taylor of ZOOM fame….I had an eye for talent!) What a great idea, both the web site and the reunion. And what fun to look at the first entries. But why did you have to pick April 8? Almost any other Saturday I’d make it back in a minute. But alas, on April 8 I’ll be in Las Vegas for the PBS Technology Conference. I have no choice…I manage it. I’ve been with the “network” since I left Boston in 1972. Supervised “tape-by-mail” distribution in the days before we hand full time landlines, let alone satellite interconnection. Managed Broadcast Operations (logs and schedules) for many years before moving into engineering. (“I’m not an engineer but I play one at PBS.”) I’ve played roles in all our planned (and one very much unplanned when Telstar 401 went kablooey) satellite transitions since we realized Hartford Gunn’s dream and went up on on our first bird in 1978. Right now I’m mainly into budgets and meetings, but with lots of other duties as assigned. God willing, I’ll have retired before the next satellite transition! At least that’s the plan. Nancy and I have been married for 32 years. Our 29 year old daughter Rachel, who was a baby when we left Boston, has just moved into her own place, taking our 11 year old grandson CJ with her. They’re only minutes away and we see him every day before and after school so we’re only easing into the empty-nest years. But considering that Nancy had her 40th high-school reunion last year and mine is coming up, and more and more of our friends have done it, we won’t be too far behind. Well, I’ve spent far too much time at this. I’ll be looking forward to reading alll the messages posted before and after this one, and looking at those old pix and features on such old friends as Brooks Leffler (whose kite shop in Annapolis I remember well). Maybe I can dig up a few photos and other memories of my own. Sure wish I could see you all in April but it wasn’t meant to be.

Name: [block]111[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Westport, Connecticut

Time: 2000-02-05 01:03:04

Comments: Air kisses to everyone! OK, let’s see if we’ve got this straight: From now ’til April 8th, it’s a delicious Slimfast Shake for breakfast and lunch, and a sensible(!) low-cal dinner. :-)

Name: [block]112[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Cambridge, Mass.

Time: 2000-02-04 19:05:16

Comments: Received a bright orange folder in the mail! I did continuity from about 1960-1963. I’ll never forget the Saturday morning ? I had a cold and felt awful ? that Bob Larsen call me around 8:30 and said, ” The station’s burned down. Get over to Kresge right away.” I thought he was joking ? a distict possibility. So many names I’ve forgotton…so many faces I remember. It’s fun to read about the old crew in your messages. Which one of you put a slice of pizza in my desk file drawer one night and labelled it clearly “PIZZA?” I found it right away next morning from the smell ? didn’t need the file label! I hope to be there April 8.

Name: [block]113[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Newton, MA

Time: 2000-02-04 18:51:20

Comments: I’m really looking forward to seeing many old faces…. Not that the faces will look old, just that they will be old faces…. You know what I mean…

Name: [block]114[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-02-04 15:40:46

Comments: I got old! I got fat! I’m still here!

Name: [block]115[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Quincy, MA

Time: 2000-02-04 13:41:53

Comments: Hello everybody. (1978-1985 in Development Office) I was in 110 Western Ave., the 110 trailer attached to the breezeway (sheesh!), the module, then 114 Western Ave. Archives #2 photo has the old crowd. I’m now Director of Gift Planning for Boston College since 1993. Can’t wait to see everybody. Hope we have name tags with years on them! Hey!!!!!!! A brainstorm!!!!!! The event can be a national pledge night! HA! See you all real soon. Should we wear a bow tie?

Name: [block]116[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Los Angeles – Topanga Canyon

Time: 2000-02-04 00:23:40

Comments: Boyd Estus told me about the reunion and the e-mail address. I was intrigued and hit with a wave of GBH nostaliga so I wanted to check this out – even if I’m unable to come to the reunion.

Name: [block]117[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Los Angeles – Topanga Canyon

Time: 2000-02-04 00:19:59

Comments: Boyd Estus told me about the reunion and the e-mail address. I was intrigued and hit with a wave of GBH nostaliga so I wanted to check this out – even if I’m unable to come to the reunion.

Name: [block]118[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge, Mass.

Time: 2000-02-03 01:35:23

Comments: Started editing for NOVA in the early 70’s

Name: [block]119[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Boston

Time: 2000-02-02 20:36:54

Comments: My GBH life began in 1980; gosh, I was young. I started in a department known as Distribution which has evolved into WGBH Enterprises. From there, I tried my luck in Hollywood. Got some wonderful production experience and returned to Boston. A new series was starting; it later became known as “Frontline.” I spent many years there, up until my second child was born. That second baby forced a little break and then I returned to “Discovering Women,” after which I took yet another break and worked at an advertising agency. WGBH lured me back and I worked on “Culture Shock,” as well as a stint in National Programming and now I’m with “Antiques Roadshow.” Hope to make it to the reunion and see you all there.

Name: [block]120[/block]

Website: Pacific Islands Report

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Time: 2000-02-01 04:35:50

Comments: Retired as President and General Manager of Hawaii Public Radio in 1997. Now edit the PACIFIC ISLANDS REPORT ( Learned about the site from Don Quale.

Name: [block]121[/block]

Website: WGBH Reunion 2000 Website

Referred by: Clicked on a ‘Guestbooks by GuestWorld’ Button

From: Honolulu

Time: 2000-02-01 02:56:22

Comments: Reply to Dave Nohling: How nice to hear from you Dave. I have been curious, over the years, what ever became of you. I believe I saw you in an appearance on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood a long time ago. But I don’t watch Fred Rogers very often (being somewhat advanced in age), so other than that, I know nothing of your history (would you care to write it up?). I would love to see, and post, your photos of Time to Dance, and the parties. I’m quite sure, from the reception and support the website has received, that many others would enjoy viewing them also. WGBH Archives wants copies of the site for their records as well, so a photo posted here goes a long way. Again, its good to hear from you. Best wishes, Don Hallock

Name: [block]122[/block]

Website: WGBH Reunion 2000 Website

Referred by: Clicked on a ‘Guestbooks by GuestWorld’ Button

From: Honolulu

Time: 2000-02-01 02:43:36

Comments: To: David Atwood. Thanks, David, for the compliments on the website. Let me say only that the pleasure has been all mine. It’s been a delight to be in touch with so many old friends, and to find that they are still wonderful people. I trust that this little effort is as much fun for others as it has been for me. Best, Don

Name: [block]123[/block]


Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: –

Time: 2000-01-31 15:51:05

Comments: –

Name: [block]125[/block]

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Time: 2000-01-31 13:45:15

Comments: None really..just checking it out.

Name: [block]126[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: St. Charles, IL, and South Dennis, MA

Time: 2000-01-30 02:10:23

Comments: Sorry I can’t attend, but that is the weekend I am leaving for a China trip. I have some pictures from a Time to Dance, and a few of the parties around 31 Mass Ave. in 1958-60. I will try and get them scanned and put up on the site, or maybe send them to the reunion with someone from the Midwest. We just got a House on the Cape, and spent our 40th Anniversary in Boston. A cold and bitter weekend. Frannie the Nurse is still my companion and we are semi-retired now and looking ahead to travel and enjoying the Cape. Basic home is in St. Charles, Illinois 40 miles west of Chicago. Keep in touch. Dave Nohling

Name: [block]127[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Maplewood, NJ

Time: 2000-01-29 21:32:18

Comments: Wow! what a great idea. Can’t wait to see folks at the reunion. Many changes in the years gone by. I was at ‘GBH from 1979-1983. First as PR director for Radio and then for TV. Made a switch to corporate work (hated it). Moved to NJ, went back to school, advanced degrees etc. Now I’m a therapist, work mostly with adults coping with mid-life issues ( what else is new). Sometimes I think the years at ‘gbh were a fantasy, possibly some of the best times ever.

Name: [block]128[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Still right here at WGBH

Time: 2000-01-27 17:51:41

Comments: Some of the 20-somethings were running around WGBH a while ago as a reception was going on for THIS OLD HOUSE. Russ Morash was speaking. “Who’s Russ Morash?” I heard one of them say.. “WHO’S RUSS MORASH?!” I shot back… Then I realize that they didn’t know who Parker Wheatley was, either. Or Greg Harney. Or George Winer. Or Paul Noble. Or Rose Buresh. Or Mark Stevens. Or David Ives. Or Ralph Lowell. Or any of the others on whose backs the WGBH of today exists!.. So hurrah that we geezers are getting together to tell lies to each other and set the record straight!…

Name: [block]129[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Newton, MA formerly Cambridge

Time: 2000-01-27 16:36:28

Comments: Hello, oldies but goodies. I’m back. I started as an interpreter and language specialist in the ‘GBH the Caption Center in 1972 for a few years, left the Foundation for other cultural/educational projects (Theatre for the Deaf, publicity for the zoo and Cambridge Adult Ed, children’s productions, ESL with Russian Immigrants) and, lo and behold, returned, unplanned, to ‘GBH 11 years ago as a publicist and swiftly became the first ‘GBH Director of Special Events holding concerts, lectures, dinners with PBS celebs, wine tastings, etc. Personally, I’ve been travelling to various countries and continents for fun, exploring various ill-suited boyfriends, continue to look for more advenutres and am looking forward to hearing yours.

Name: [block]130[/block]


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Acton, Massachusetts U S of A

Time: 2000-01-27 04:15:42

Comments: Don, you’ve done a good thing here. You and I have been emailing back and forth for a while now but I happened by and wanted to formally, publicly compliment you on this site.. da

Name: [block]132[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Watervliet, New York

Time: 2000-01-27 03:49:23

Comments: What fun! This is even better than reading credits on PBS shows to find the names of those of you I knew way back then..the 60’s.

Name: [block]133[/block]

Referred by: AOL


Time: 2000-01-26 15:57:52

Comments: working at wgbh since 1981

Name: [block]134[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Seattle

Time: 2000-01-26 05:23:54

Comments: will send more info later.

Name: [block]135[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New York, NY

Time: 2000-01-26 00:52:56

Comments: Worked on NOVA mid to late seventies then returned to New York. I’m now with the BBC. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces in April.

Name: [block]136[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Sacramento, CA

Time: 2000-01-26 00:51:41

Comments: It can’t be 40 years. I’ll be doing my best to join everyone in April. Until then take care.

Name: [block]137[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Bethesda MD 20816

Time: 2000-01-25 21:58:50

Comments: I managed WGBH-FM from July 60 to July 62. I went on to NET, EEN, CPB, NPR, and WETA. I’m retired and living the good life with my good wife Vonn and surrounded by Grandchildren.

Name: [block]138[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New York

Time: 2000-01-24 22:53:21

Comments: Margot Edman passed on the information. Shes with BBC in NYC – we worked together on NOVA – working in the trenches with Paula Apsell, Barbara Holocek, Patti Polisar et al, mid to late seventies vintage, serving, as it were, under EP’s John Angier (1st epoch, Jo Gladstone (brief shining period of a few weeks)John Angier (2nd epoch) and Mick Rhodes. I left in 1980 to return earlier this decade for an episode of “Americas”, Judith Vecchione’s magnum opus.Most of the time I am Directing or Executive Producing out of New York. Most recently, 26 episodes of USHUAIA for CNBC, a Canadian drama co-production “Young Heroes” and the almost completed six- part series “Grace Under Pressure; Living With Cancer” for Fox’s “The Health Network”…any further confessions or revelations will have to wait until April 8.

Name: [block]139[/block]

Website: None

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New York, NY

Time: 2000-01-24 21:17:56

Comments: This is a really TERRIFIC Web site….and I look forward to seeing you all in April.

Name: [block]140[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Denver, Colorado

Time: 2000-01-24 01:08:20

Comments: I’ll be there in April. Can’t wait to see everyone again. A splendid idea. Dave Davis was DD and I was always dd, and that is still me.

Name: [block]141[/block]


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge, MA

Time: 2000-01-23 22:13:35

Comments: I started at WGBH as a “BU Scholar” in 65-66, at the end of which I was hired to help start the WGBH Film Unit. Around 1976 I started working on various outside projects, taking leaves of absences. Founded Heliotrope Studios Ltd. in 1984. I’m still at it, still shooting for ‘GBH and many others, still having fun! I’m looking forward to the reunion.

Name: [block]143[/block]

Website: Shedd Productions, Inc.

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Princeton, NJ

Time: 2000-01-23 15:47:09

Comments: Nice to learn of the plans for a reunion. Hope to come.

Name: [block]145[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Orlando

Time: 2000-01-23 02:13:03

Comments: The early days of ‘GBH let me play with wonderful toys!! I started as a volunteer in 1960. Studio assistant, cameraman, floor manager, etc. A few months later, after we’d had our first child, the economics were not working out and I told Greg Harney that I’d have to leave. He replied “JUST TODAY, we’re prepared to offer you $1.25 an hour for 20 hours if you’ll volunteer the other time”, a theme which pervaded ‘GBH in those lean years. Some flashes: the studio days (the second floor at 84 Mass Ave, mind you) with full Opera like Greg’s production of “Dido & Aeneas” – John Henning’s incredible sense of humor – those old theatre chairs that Eliot Norton used on his show, forever! – Bob Moscone’s ‘tight ship’ and properly coiled camera cables and swept studio floors – Father Norman O’Connor’s Jazz program (the show with Buddy Sarkesian’s Mid-East Orchestra we all doubled over as the director called “OK, Don, dolly in to the left OUD”) – seemingly hundreds of teaching programs with Fred Barzyk, including “Parlons Francais” with the wonderful Mme. Anne Slack – gingerly and very nervously rigging a lavelier mike on the venerated and wonderful, but steamy, Cardinal Cushing – reading the news live at 10PM on camera, one of the earliest televised news in Boston (the weather forecast was shown by little white magnetic numbers and letters on the black background of the set, which inevitably started heading south as the evening wore on) – trying to replace the credit crawl just before air time and finding that it had been taped badly and performed like a broken piano roll – the early ZOOMar lenses with the push rod (if you didn’t apply just the right amount of nose grease they were guaranteed to stick just when you were making a tight change) – sifting thru the rubble of our noble station after the fire – moving to Central Square, then to the Museum of Science where upon the birth of our second child I went to Greg Harney and indicated I’d have to leave, at which he replied “JUST TODAY we are prepared to offer you a position in our Producer Training program, though we can’t pay you” – within months (I think it was after the debacle of the NET show about the Alliance for Progress with John F Kennedy which I ostensibly produced. I used a ‘new’ technique of a live studio host interrogating people who had been filmed. The film was to run continuously and the host was to insert his questions at the appropriate places. The audio person decided he couldn’t cleanly cut audio from the film, so we had to literally cover the optical sound track with very thin black tape on 2400′ of film, to mask out the passages between the interviews. Of course this led to a serious buildup about the inner circumference of the reel which ultimately caused so may stops and starts that it took 19 straight hours to put on tape!)… to continue, within months I had decided tv producing was not for me so I went to ….Greg who said “JUST TODAY, Norman Feather has left and we’d like you to run the film department – at $1.75 an hour”. Of course I jumped at it. – my office was a kitchen off the temporary studio at the Museum of Science where we covered over the sink as a rewind bench – I often volunteered to drive Eliot Norton’s guests back to the hotel (who wouldn’t drive Lynn Redgrave, Tammy Grimes, Harry Belafonte, Joshua Logan) and recall having to decline a rather unusual invitation proffered by John Gielgud – I began acquiring other duties as the station moved to 125 Western Avenue: getting all of Henry Morgenthau’s film to and from Africa, setting up editing rooms, keeping track of the archives (no computers, then), and handling the station mail, and program sourcing, most importantly being sure the “MisteRogers Neighborhood” film had arrived – the wonderful Helen Fox and, God Bless Her, Rose Buresh, whose tact and silence saved many a relationship – I left (around 1967) – only to come back in the guise of a Production Coordinator for ever-challenging Fred Barzyk and Creative Television Associates a few years later … continuing an albeit tentative association with ‘GBH for another 15 years or so. I’m now combining my love of music, of media, of computers and, especially, of working at home, in my website design company ( which specializes in sites for musicians – especially old folkies. Thanks to everybody who’s working to put this together, especially Don Hallock for his enthusiasm and creativity. I’ll be there.

Name: [block]146[/block]

Website: WGBH Reunion 2000 Website

Referred by: Clicked on a ‘Guestbooks by GuestWorld’ Button

From: Honolulu

Time: 2000-01-21 23:44:35

Comments: Sorry this stuff is “all-jam-up.” The guestbook apparently won’t format paragraphs.******* (beginning of actual message) Can I be a guest too? You guys are wonderful. It’s such a delight to build this website with you all, and to “hear” your voices again this way. It grows daily, because the spirit lives! Please send in, or note in this guestbook, anything you think would enrich us all. Especially valuable are your autobiographies. *******Steve, the opening to “Images,” which I had largely forgot (thanks for the reminder), was shot in a yellow Rubbermaid washtub in Dan Beach’s Cambridge kitchen. Dan and I used that old, brown, wind-up, Bell & Howell 16mm film camera. It would do single-frame animation if you sharply poked the exposure button with the eraser end of a lead pencil….over, and over, and over again. Some of the “Images” opening was single-frame and some was slo-mo, as I recall. The whole thing took about three hours. Amazingly, it worked on the first take. *******And to Bill Cosell: Gosh, I never knew I figured so prominently in your early television life. I blush with the compliment. The “Quaker” dance sequence was, I believe, part of an American folk music series (4 1/2 hour shows for NET) with Tony Saletan and produced by Greg Harney. The USS Constitution, the Concord Bridge, Old Sturbridge Village, and Mystic Whaling Village were other locations used. I don’t remember the name of the series either. For years (decades, actually) I have admired your work with the Boston Symphony and the Pops. So clean, and so much more sensual and beautiful than our earliest symphony broadcasts ? which, under Dave Davis’ hand, were, above all, technically impeccable. Dave’s legacy, in that respect, was impressive ? we all benefitted from his insistence on precision. I remember the first, and only, time Dave used a dissolve, and the long agonized-over wide angle shot including the chandelier at Sanders Theater (we had just bought, after much begging on my part, a 28mm lens ? Dave had a horror of any lens shorter than a 50mm). As I recall it, the tension between Dave’s conservative approach and Jordan Whitelaw’s flamboyance was endlessly amusing ? and their mutual respect, a wonderful role model. I think I even did a one-shot camera gig with you directing at Symphony Hall around 1967. I recall just having popped a hernia from trying to catch a falling Marconi B&W camera on Supermarket Sweep (in those days one of the most dangerous shows shows on television). Al Hinderstein had to set up the projection-booth camera for me, since I couldn’t carry anything heavier than a kleenex. Best wishes, all, Don

Name: [block]147[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge

Time: 2000-01-20 00:47:22

Comments: The web page and the reunion are wonderful. i am hoping to catch up with many friends who have been away from here for a long time. I guess that I came to try TV in 1965 and have been here ever since. Now with all the bells and whistles of the electronic age I can be easily reached. My beeper -1 800 278 8299 -is the best way.

Name: [block]148[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Petaluma, CA

Time: 2000-01-19 07:34:59

Comments: I love checking out the Guest Book and seeing who has signed in and what they have to say. It’s like a “first course” of a wonderful meal. I keep hoping though that some of you will write something in the Bio section, too, about your activities, lives, memories of WGBH. Anecdotes, memories of people and productions will stir up additional thoughts in the rest of us. For instance: Bill Cosel remembered the opening that Don Hallock designed for “Images”. I’d forgotten that but I remember how impressive I thought it was at the time. A familiar image from art history, a painting or a drawing was on screen and then water ripples obscured it. When the water settled there was another image on screen. It was very pretty. The show credits were matted over this, “dissolving” in sync to the picture changes. Come to think of it, I think the credit sequence was actually shot in his kitchen sink – using stop motion in a 16 MM camera. And talking about Bill Cosel, I remember working on his first directorial attempt on Images. (I’ve heard he’s taken on more complex directing duties since then.) There was a lot of “making the most oout of a little”. Ron Finley, fresh out of college, talked himself into a job at WGBH as an animator. He had a degree in mechanical engineering so he figured out how to make an animation stand using an old X-ray table. THe camera mount was fashioned out of the back of a secretary’s chair. On it, he taught himself animation and produced openings for Thalassa Cruso, some fund raising pieces. AS he got more experienced, he took on more complex projects. He did a wonderful one animating the Modern Jazz Quartet that ran on NET. WHen you compare what he did to the opening of What’s New, a comparitively high-budget show of the time, you can get an idea of how the ingenuity of people at GBH was giving the place a real sense of excitement – no money but lots of excitement.

Name: [block]149[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Pacific Grove, CA

Time: 2000-01-18 23:43:00

Comments: This should be something ? but how could it be the same as it was in the Baker House basement?

Name: [block]150[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Salem,Ma.

Time: 2000-01-18 20:15:06

Comments: Hello out there,it’s a great idea.I was hired by Fran Abramowitz as a maintenance engineer in december of 1968, a very good year and am still here.You can fax me at 978 744 4355 or call at 978 745 6223.

Name: [block]151[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Newton, MA

Time: 2000-01-17 16:25:47

Comments: Bump into Syrl at the movies, and the next thing you know…

Name: [block]152[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: New York City

Time: 2000-01-17 15:03:38

Comments: Since that first day in Boston, June 10, 1957, I’ve been working in TV. Four years at WGBH, three decades at WNEW/WNYW (Metromedia then Fox) in New York, and now over six years at Lifetime (Television for Women). From educational to commercial TV and then basic cable. Looking forward to seeing my colleagues of 1957-61, and especially Scholars ’57-58!

Name: [block]153[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Knoxville, TN

Time: 2000-01-16 01:05:25

Comments: Hi, Y’all!! What a great idea! Thanks for all the work that went into this! Really looking forward to seeing and talking with everyone!

Name: [block]154[/block]

Website: Nat & Nipper’s Web Site

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Now in NYC

Time: 2000-01-14 22:42:14

Comments: Great to have this page! I know we’ve got a lot of alumni geeks like me and David Atwood and Dan Beach (speak for yourself, Nat!)who have their own sites and web interests. Hope to see more old friends on-line. I’m heading re-issues as senior producer for RCA Records (BMG Classics) in NYC and enjoying it.

Name: [block]156[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Charleston, South Carolina

Time: 2000-01-14 16:38:34

Comments: Looking forward to spring in Boston. Glad to see this website. Will check in frequently.

Name: [block]157[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend


Time: 2000-01-14 15:01:22

Comments: Greetings all! Looking forward to seeing old friends this spring!

Name: [block]158[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Boston, Mass

Time: 2000-01-14 14:39:04

Comments: What a GREAT idea!

Name: [block]159[/block]


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Cambridge

Time: 2000-01-14 14:32:10

Comments: I look forward to re-experiencing the free-spirit, anything is possible, good ole days – especially within the New TV Workshop under Fred Barzyk. It was a great way to learn about TV and to think about TV. I try to keep a little New TV spirit with me always.

Name: [block]160[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Reading Ma

Time: 2000-01-14 14:16:17

Comments: Came to work at WGBH in the summer of 1968 (hired out of WENH by Fran Abramowitz as maintenance engineer) That was when entire maintenance department consisted of John Labounty, Bill Johnson, Harvey hudson, and Hans Scharl and John Moran in radio and the station was just starting to produce and air programs in color. Have lived with wife Kathy and (until grown) sons Hal and Brian in Reading Ma for the last thirty one years. Also have either had or currently have numerous foster children and one adopted child in residence. Can be contacted at 781-944-7748. Looking forward to seeing many old friends at the April reunion.

Name: [block]161[/block]

Website: Best Shot Productions

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Leominster, MA

Time: 2000-01-14 14:07:57

Comments: Thank You for putting this great site together!!!

Name: [block]162[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Newton Mass 02458-2733

Time: 2000-01-14 13:54:37

Comments: I am delighted to see the web site. It will provide us with a wonderful addition to the reunion itself. WGBH was instrumental in much of our individual development over the years and my memories of the early days are particularly warm and sweet.

Name: [block]163[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Class of ’58

Time: 2000-01-14 01:58:53

Comments: The class of ’58 had a small Christmas party above the Zebra Lounge in an apartment that was shared by Heithz, Mallinson and White. Brady loved above. It was a group party, and my wife, Olga, and I attended with our two children. Halleck has his Leica there and we still treasure the photo taken of our two kids in low light near the tree.

Name: [block]164[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In


Time: 2000-01-14 01:15:56

Comments: An email found me and I answered. I’m glad I did. I have not looked over the guest book yet, but I am looking forward to meeting my group of friends. I was with the engineering group from 1970 to about 1987. I am living at 270 Littleton Rd. # 148 Chelmsford, MA 01824 978-244-0417 Would be happy to hear from all.

Name: [block]165[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Boulder, CO

Time: 2000-01-13 22:50:46

Comments: Can’t wait to re-ZOOM acquaintances with all the chaps and chappesses I knew from 1964-73. Two requests, please, for the re-union: 1. Can we have name tags in big enough print that we can read them from across the room ? ie 72 point Arial. 2. Can we each bring a photo of ourselves as we were in the 50s/60s and pin those on our name-tags, so we know who the heck we’re talking to! Evelyn and I moved to Boulder 10 years ago and am currently shooting a doc on parenting in Toronto. Evelyn writes travel resource guides and biographies (, David (now aged 35) lives down the road with his wife and 2 gorgeous children, and Katrina (37) lives nearby.

Name: [block]166[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Ann Arbor, MI

Time: 2000-01-13 22:10:06

Comments: Don: GREAT IDEA! The creative camera juices still work. Stew

Name: [block]167[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Chicago and the world

Time: 2000-01-13 21:04:59

Comments: I was at GBH in 57-58 as a BU Scholar. That caused meto become addicted to making television programs. I have done that all my life. Now I have this enormous guilt….NO ONE SHOULD BE SO HAPPY WITH WHAT THEY HAVE CHOSEN AS THEIR LIFE’S WORK. I hope to return to the site of my addictions beginning in April and see if I can get help. If not….I’ll just continue to suffer in bemused but happy silence. Se y’all.

Name: [block]168[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: ‘GBH Scholars class of ’57-’58

Time: 2000-01-13 20:29:22

Comments: Basically heard of the REUNNION through the grapevine while organizing our own intimate reunion of ’58. Not sure where in greater Boston we will be that weekend, but look forward to showing up sometime between 1 and 4:00 if someone will tell me where this event will take place. Retired after a career in high tech marketing and real estate, 3 wives, 4 children, 6 grandshildren, happy and healthy and living in Concord, MA. Ciao!

Name: [block]169[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend

From: Tyringham, MA

Time: 2000-01-13 20:18:24

Comments: First experiences at WGBH ? Boston Arts Festival evening live broadcasts. Don Hallock directing ? followed by Museum Open House, Don Hallock directing and do we remember What’s New (was that it?) on Beacon Hill, recreating a period dance in the Quaker residence, Don Hallock directing. Special memory of the wonderful open Don designed for IMAGES also a production of the MFA. What ever happened to Thalia Kennedy? Looking forward to catching up.

Name: [block]170[/block]

Website: wgbh

Referred by: From a Friend

From: wgbh

Time: 2000-01-13 19:48:23

Comments: looking forward to seeing many old friends from the 70’s

Name: [block]172[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Lincoln, MA

Time: 2000-01-13 18:42:50

Comments: Come HOME, Red Frame Building, COME HOME! See you in April and we’ll toast George Weiner…Love to all…prepare for surprises if you haven’t seen the Red Frame blossomed into a full campus. Can’t wait for spring. Thank you, Dear Spirit of Bob Larsen, for giving me these ongoing 36 years, even if I still type at 40 wpm and don’t know when to shut up and be demure…. xox

Name: [block]173[/block]

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Chelmsford, MA

Time: 2000-01-13 15:36:57

Comments: You can reach by phone @ 617-300-3968 (work/WGBH) or 978-256-4868 (home) or snail mail 12 Brook Street, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Name: [block]174[/block]

Referred by: From a Friend


Time: 2000-01-12 18:08:29

Comments: How wonderful to have this web page! What a great resource it will be for the Reunion (I will be there) and hopefully beyond.

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