Joe Shrand

“Doctor Joe” was in the original children’s cast of the PBS series ZOOM.

Dr. Joseph Shrand is an Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, the Medical Director of CASTLE (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered), a brand new intervention unit for at-risk teens which is part of the highly respected High Point Treatment Center in Brockton, MA., and an Assistant Child Psychiatrist on the medical staff of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Shrand has served as Medical Director of the Child and Adolescent outpatient program at McLean Hospital, has run several inpatient psychiatric units, and is currently also the Medical Director of the Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit for High Point Treatment Centers in Plymouth. He is also the Medical Director of Road to Responsibility, a community based program that tends to adults with significant developmental disability.

Dr. Shrand routinely gives lectures on Theory of Mind and it’s application to re-conceptualize the behaviors of patients. He gave a similar lecture at the 2008 Annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Chicago to broad acclaim.

Dr. Shrand is currently writing a book for Harvard Health Publications on how to turn our anger into power.

Among colleagues and staff, he is affectionately called “Doctor Joe,” as he was “Joe” in the original children’s cast of the PBS series ZOOM.

18 thoughts on “Joe Shrand

  1. Joe, I remember you from a production of OLIVER. I believe you were the Artful Dodger? I also saw you on Zoom as my kids were great fans.
    You are doing wonderful work!

  2. Hi Joe,

    How are you? How come there are no DVD releases of the actual episodes? Is someone holding the tapes hostage? Just curious. It seems to be the only old childrens show (or any show for that matter) that never gets released. Whats your theory?


  3. Hi Joe,

    How are you? Just wondering if Zoom will ever be put out on DVD (I mean the actual episodes!). Why does is seem to be the only old children’s show (or any show for that matter) that won’t get released on DVD? Thanks!


  4. When I was 4-years-old I walked up to you and you gave me your autograph. Since I was 4, I was so excited but didn’t know what to say. You ignored me and walked away. Anyway, my older sister and her friend were jealous so I pretended everything was cool:)

  5. I found it amazing that my daughter has a little crush on Harry from One Direction. I even found it funnier when I realized Harry looks a lot like you when you were on Zoom. I had a huge crush on you! Too funny!

    • Thanks Tina, although I think Harry from One Direction is better looking than I was! But how remarkable that having a crush on a particular kind of face may be genetic!

      all the best,


      • I love that there are others who also had a crush on Joe. I was just posting about Zoom on FB and then remembering my BIG HUGE crush on Joe… so I had to look him/you up, so here I am, reminiscing about my crush too. Then that my sister also wound up as a prof at Harvard and… Theory of Mind if one of my favorite subjects… well, that’s just icing. :D

    • I, too, had a crush on Joe back in the day. I’m excited to find you online. Glad to see you’ve come so far. Best wishes in your work with teens.

  6. Just wanted people to know I have been asked to write a regular blog on Psychology Today so please check it out.

    Also, my first book is coming out in June about stress. It’s not always your stress that gets in the way of your success. Very often, it’s someone else’s stress that gets in the way. So this book is about how to help you manage other peoples stress, so we can all be more succesful.

    This may be the first book written by a Zoom kid!

  7. Recently I got to wondering whatever happen to the kids from ZOOM? My favs were Joe and Nancy.

    I did a little Googling and there you are. Doing great things for others (without the BIG hair). Looks like your resume is full.

    Thanks for the Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4 memories! Continue to do well.

  8. Thank you, Dr. Joe, for this update. I was also a young boy when Zoom aired. I’m so pleased to see that life has turned out so well for you!


    • And I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you as well! Thanks for the kind words. We have all worked hard to be this lucky.

      Stay tuned.


  9. Hi Neighbor,

    Hope all is well for you and your lovely family. I’ve moved far from Waltham but still tell the story about the exorbitant fee I charged you for an episode of ZOOM. I hope you know that was all Production Services plus overhead. That’s it.

    Anyway I still remember you from the show and from the view of your house across the street.
    Take care,


    • Vlad I remember it well. But you may not know the rest of the story. Soon after the exorbitant fee for my own show Tommy and all of us got a release request from WGBH. We agreed… for the cost of DVD’s of the entire first seasons. So we all have the tapes.

      Hope all is well and keep checking the site.


  10. Hello Dr. Joe from Robin Rousseau,

    So nice to see how things turned out for our favorite Zoomer 30 odd years later. We were from Montreal and had the WGBH feed through CFCF 12. Never missed a show either.

    Can you post a pic of yourself for all the old Zoom Fans out here? :)

    Be well and happy,
    Robin Rousseau

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