Missing Alumni

We’re looking for information about these alums. Can you help?

  • Sydna Byrne
  • Ellie Cabot
  • Don Clark
  • John Coe
  • Joan Cuff
  • Candace Cutler Finesliver
  • Wendy (Bruskin) Davis
  • Scott Davis
  • Sylvia Davis
  • James Deetz
  • Tom Dilley
  • Eric Eisen
  • Christine (Siegel) Elder
  • Barbara Epstein
  • Jay Feldman
  • Katie Fischer
  • Peggy Woodford Forbes
  • Julie Forsythe
  • Sally Foskett
  • Karen Fung
  • Fred Gardner
  • Karin Giger
  • Jack Gill
  • Mike Goldberg
  • Eliat Goldman
  • Brenda Greenwood
  • Mary Lela Grimes Sherburne
  • Virginia Harnden
  • Bill Hilliker
  • Wes Horner
  • Martin Hurwitz
  • Bob Jessen
  • Susanna Joannidis
  • Janet Krause Jones
  • Simon Jones
  • John Kane
  • Jenny Womack Kastner
  • Elise Katz
  • Hillary Kimmel
  • Sharon Kramer Loew
  • Rebecca Lawrence
  • Elinor Lipman
  • Marcia Mather
  • Joanne Mathieu
  • Mary Meadows
  • Robb Murphy
  • Faith Nachman Klein
  • Pam Pinsky
  • Tony Priano
  • Hal Pyke
  • Elsa Rassbach
  • Roger Rivera
  • John Ross
  • Ethel Ryerson Roumeliotis
  • Mercedes Sabio
  • Gustavo Sagastume
  • Susanne Salerno
  • Lisa Schwarzbaum
  • Karan Sheldon
  • Dena Simmons
  • David Sloss
  • Anne Speakman
  • Peter Trivelas
  • Steve Vigneaux
  • John Walsh
  • Linda Wege Fisher
  • Aaron Weitekamp
  • Jill White
  • Beth Young

13 thoughts on “Missing Alumni

  1. The great populist newsman Joe Day reported for WCVB-TV and then WHDH-TV in Boston before moving to Santa Fe NM. He passed away in March 2015. His obituary may be found in the Boston Globe.

    To add to the sad news, Les Kretman passed away in September 2018. After his time at WGBH, WHDH-Channel 5, and WCVB, he worked for NBC News for 30 years, the last 10 as White House producer.

  2. Chris Gilbert called from Florida to let me know that I was “missing.” I never knew! I’m missing in plain sight, raising funds for clinical care and research at McLean Hospital in Belmont. Hope to see folks at the reunion in May!

  3. 3 of the missing alumni are Facebook Friends of mine. David Elinoff, who lives in Holliston, MA; Jim Deering, who lives in Sebastian, FL; and Lisa Cureton, who lives somewhere in the New York City area. I don’t have phone numbers of email addresses for any of them, however. Hope that helps.

  4. I was just perusing the list of “missing” WGBH alumni and was surprised that someone as prominent as Sam Newbury would be there, after his 25+ years working at FCI in Pittsburgh. So I Googled his name and was terribly saddened to see that Sam passed away in May of 2014 at the age of 69. We didn’t work together very long at WGBH, but we ran into each other at various PBS meetings over the years. What a kind and gentle soul he was…such a kindred spirit with the great Fred Rogers. There are several obituaries (from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and at legacy.com, among others) and a video or two on the web. I hope the wonderful folks who keep up this web site (bravo!) will see fit to add Sam to the honored list under “Spotlights”. As producer of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, his contribution to our children and grandchildren was immeasurable.

  5. Sandy and I live in Bonita Springs FL. We attended a GBH reunion years ago; sorry to miss the recent gathering. I work for the Red Sox during spring training either as director of in stadium programming, technical director, or tour guide.

    • I remember watching the iconic game 6 of the 1975 World Series at your house. I remember leaping up when Carlton Fisk hit the game-winning homer and almost putting my hands through your ceiling.

      Looking forward to catching up with you and Sandy.

  6. Lester Kretman, Bureau Chief/Broadcast

    Lester (Les) Kretman spent more than 30 years at NBC News before recently retiring as White House producer. Based at the White House for nearly a decade, he coordinated the network’s daily coverage of the president and traveled worldwide with former President George W. Bush. Kretman has also served as NBC’s deputy bureau chief in Washington and was a producer assigned to the network’s bureau in Frankfurt, Germany. Before coming to NBC he was assistant news director for WBZ-TV and executive producer at WHDH-TV and WCVB-TV, all in Boston. He was a producer on the NBC team that received two national Emmys: one for NBC’s election night coverage in 2008, and the other for the network’s coverage of Ronald Reagan’s funeral. He was also a regular contributor to the NBC Nightly News Daily blog. A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Kretman was a reporter for The Providence Journal-Bulletin prior to working in television news.

  7. Bonnie Hammer is very much in the limelight…she’s NBCUniversal’s Cable Chairman managing over 2,000 employees and half of Comcast’s multi-billion dollar revenue. She lives in Westport, Connecticut.

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