WGBH Timeline (1946-1978)

From “The first 24 years: A somewhat random compendium of milestones along the way”


John Lowell Jr., leaves a bequest creating free “public lectures for the benefit of the citizens of Boston.” Read more...

On-Air (1979)

From Don Hallock

Ever wondered what it takes to put on a public television or radio production? Well, here’s a glance behind the scenes (as if you needed one). It was originally prepared as a 1979 issue of the WGBH publication ON AIR. In this context, the entire tract functions, as well, as an attractive recounting of the station’s more recent production history — and many of our friends and co-workers show up here.

A certain unpredictable amount of moiré may still be observed in the original scans. Read more...

In the Ille Novi – excerpts (1958)

From Paul Noble

The following are excerpts from the Ille Novi collection. These “underground” newsletters were circulated from mid-1958 to mid-1961, and edited by the Queen (Jean Brady) and Paul Noble.

September 1, 1958 (from Vol. 1, No. 2)

Videotape Works!

On Tuesday, July 29th, Jean Brady’s image was recorded on videotape at WGBH-TV, making the first use of the Ampex VTR machine. The picture and sound quality of VTR is almost idential with that of the live signal. Read more...