Tony Saletan

  • Years at WGBH: 1955 to the present, off and on.
  • Position(s): Music talent (Channel 2’s first host).

From Tony Saletan — 2000

My main connections with WGBH started with hosting the initial Channel 2 program (and series), when we first went on the air. I remember eight such connections. There may be some that have slipped from memory.

1. May 2, 1955, “Come and See,” which I initially co-hosted with Mary Lou Adams (later Von Klock? And still later Cubbage). The program was aimed at young children, aired three or four times a week that first year. Mary Lou (who left after four months) died ca. 1996 of kidney failure. I just located our producer-director, Ralph Tangney, had a good phone talk. Read more...

Alumni List – March 6, 2018

Here is our current list of WGBH alumni, including those for whom we do and do not have e-mail addresses. (We have also included the names of our deceased colleagues in memoriam.) “Yes” after a name means we do have an e-mail address. “No” means we do not.

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WGBH Pioneers: Michael Ambrosino – Part 1 (1998)

This entry is part 3 of 11 in the series The Michael Ambrosino Collection

Michael Ambrosino — the creator of NOVA — describes his early years at WGBH, an era of live and live-on-tape TV productions at the 84 Massachusetts Avenue studio in Cambridge.

This series presents authorized interviews with early producers and directors for Boston’s innovative public television and radio stations. He was interviewed on June 19, 1998 by Fred Barzyk. Read more...