Audio: David Atwood on 30 years at WGBH-TV


From Joel Olicker at Powerderhouse Productions:

David Atwood got hired at WGBH-TV in 1965, for 80 bucks a week. He worked his way up from hanging lights in the studio to directing thousands of hours of groundbreaking TV over a four decade career. He’s worked with everyone from Julia Child to Alistair Cooke to Nam June Paik.

One of his secret weapons from the 70s: a bag full of coaxial cable jumpers of varying lengths to correct the “color phase” of video art projects that would have otherwise been rejected by the engineers on technical grounds.

4 thoughts on “Audio: David Atwood on 30 years at WGBH-TV

  1. Kudos, David!! Thirty years spinning cables, jumpers and tech wires in the studios to make it all somehow work is a big tribute to your talent and dedication to do it right! GBH is fortunate to have you on board all of these formative TV years. Thanks for the memories (mine go back to 1952 when it all began with radio in Symphony Hall and that first BSO performance live on FM). Take care, David.

    And…a big shout out to Denny Farrell in Chicago, the Big Band Showcase host. Nice to see your post on the GBH alumni blog. Send me an email with your news. Cheers! =Russ.

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