Happy Birthday, Julia

Happy Birthday, Julia. And, thank you to all of the WGBH alumni who shared her with the world! (Photo by stage manager Bruce Bordett.) And, please share your memories below!

If you haven’t already seen this, it’s worth a few minutes of your time:


Google’s homepage on August 15, 2012, Julia’s 100th birthday:

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Julia

  1. In the mid 50s (I think) I was on the audio board of WGBH as the TV channel broadcast Julia Childs French Chef.

    I remember her putting some condiment on a sheet of paper and illustrating the difference between a big pinch, a small pinch and wetting her finger and picking up the condiment with the moistened finger…

    When she got through, she tossed all of the contents of the sheet of paper into the pot.

  2. Back in the day on Western Avenue, before the new buildings went up – we are talking late ’70s now, Julia’s operation shared improvised space with the NOVA staff. Needless to say all the leftovers at the cooking end of the building never made it down to us!

    My most vivid memory of Julia was during a construction phase when the bathrooms had not been completed. Imagine my surprise to find myself literally seated next to Julia herself, without stall walls to keep us apart. Her usual aplomb made it all seem quite normal.

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