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  1. As a part of the crew for a few years from 1968 to 1969 and then freelancing off and on after that I very fondly remember Frank and Greg. We spent a lot of time together and there was always lots of banter and lots of laughs. There was also Bob Wilson and a few more I’m forgetting the names of. We always got the job done, and we had fun doing it.

  2. I always loved to be on the quickie board. All my friends and family would over bid just to make me look good !!!

  3. And then there was Al Capp, guest auctioneer (maybe host, it was a long time ago and far away on Western Avenue) intoning “Welcome to Channel 2’s festival of avarice!”

  4. I used to volunteer each year, spending nearly my entire day helping out wherever needed, usually on the phones or at “Pick up & pay.” Loved all of it and miss it a lot!

    • Thank you thank you for the pictures of Greg and Frank. Such talented camera men and such wonderful people.

      I worked many an auction….working auction shifts was NOT optional for employees. Too many stories/too little space. But one of the best was when Studio A went on air live for the first night of auction ***hats and horns and confetti*** all around, only to look up and see the credits of the earlier program scrolling though on the live air monitor. Ooops. David Atwood was directing. Major reset in the studio. Major WTF in the control room. Moral of the story: ALWAYS do a time check with Master Control.

      (And then there was the Little River Rhododendron and Auction Recover Festival. Another day, another story.)

    • Lovable, loyal,enjoyable teammates. If they were in your corner, you odds improved immensely. You could learn a lot and laugh along the way with Greg and Frank at your side.

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