Mercedes Sabio, producer

For nearly 30 years, she was part of the PBS family through her production, programming, and leadership roles at the WGBH, WOUB, WTVI, and NHPTV stations. Read more.

Brian Dowley, 67, director of photography

As a director of photography for over 35 years, Brian shot dozens of documentaries and narrative films for “NOVA,” “American Experience,” “Frontline,” and independent documentaries on subjects close to his heart. Read more.

Getting to Know You (Again) – Influential WGBH colleagues

We enjoyed reading your memories of your first days at WGBH in June. We hope you’ll contribute again this month to this new theme. Please post your recollections in the comments. Read more.

Countdown to the Reunion #3 – August 2018

The reunion is only 9 weeks away. We’re really looking forward to seeing you! Be sure to read this update for all the latest news. Read more.

Elliott Rivo, doctor to WGBH staffers

From Fred Barzyk: Sharon Rivo was a long time producer at WGBH and her husband, Elliott, served as a doctor to many of the members of the staff. Read more.

Richard Clark Sterne, 91, host of Just Published

Richard Clark Sterne, 91, host of Just PublishedSterne was the host of WGBH’s Just Published, a half-hour Boston-based television show with poets and authors ranging from Anne Sexton to John Fowles and Ralph Nader. Read more.

Henry Morgenthau III, 101, pioneering producer

Henry Morgenthau III, a TV producer and documentarian who helped shape public television in its early days and provided a forum for the nation’s civil rights conversation in the 1960s, died July 11 Read more.

Getting to Know You (Again)

Let's get ready for the reunion! Share some of your own memories now, here, starting with your first days or weeks at WGBH. Read more.

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