The Make-Believe Clubhouse

The Make-Believe ClubhouseThe Make-Believe Clubhouse seems, on reflection, to have been a magical experience for many of us. One of the children who guested on the show at about aged 7 still remembers it as magical to this day. Read more.

Jena Perrone, 42, Rights Coordinator

Jena Perrone, 42, Rights CoordinatorJena joined WGBH Enterprises in 2005 as Rights Coordinator. Her commitment and dedication were recognized over the years, most recently with a promotion to Rights and Licensing Manager. Read more.

Michael Colgrass, 87, composer featured on the first “Soundings”

Michael Colgrass, 87, composer featured on the first "Soundings"Colgrass was the focus of the first program in the 1970s WGBH “Soundings” series. Soundings was produced by Bunny Olenick and directed by Fred Barzyk. Read more.

‘This Old House’ Turns 40

‘This Old House’ Turns 40“This Old House,” which began chronicling home renovations in 1979, was one of the first such shows to air on national television and arguably helped create the D.I.Y. nation we all live in. Read more.

Jane Doerfer, 78, producer and author

Jane Doerfer, 78, producer and authorShe wrote cookbooks and was a magazine food columnist. She taught cooking classes and for a time ran a Vermont inn. She had been a WGBH producer and an official with the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities. Read more.

Tom Dunn, 72, writer-announcer

Tom Dunn, 72, writer-announcerTom joined WGBH in 1974 and he soon became a writer-announcer, an association that lasted more than 15 years. Read more.

Director’s Note from Fred Barzyk

Director's Note from Fred BarzykThis entry is part 24 of 24 in the series The Fred Barzyk CollectionFred Barzyk recalls an embarrassing moment from this first year of being a director at WGBH, in 1960. Read more.

Janet Weaver (Eltinge), 73, ZOOM Producer

Janet Weaver (Eltinge), 73, ZOOM ProducerElizabeth Spear Graham: Janet was a pioneer of the ZOOM GUEST series where the focus was on a child who possessed a particular ability and talent. Read more.

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