Memorial for Phil Collyer

The legions of friends and fans of longtime ‘GBHer Phil Collyer will gather in the Calderwood Studio to remember him Monday, April 28, at 11a.m.

“It’s a longstanding tradition at WGBH to gather, Quaker-style, in the memory of dear colleagues and share our reflections — anecdotes, poems, memorable photos — or, if we prefer, sit in silent reflection,” says WGBH President Jon Abbott.

“Members of Phil’s family will join us, and we’ll recall our friend with a special video created by Susie Dangel. We invite ‘GBH alumni to gather with us.”

For directions to WGBH and information about visitor parking, please visit the WGBH Web site. Entrance to the Calderwood Studio is through the main entrance at One Guest Street.

The Party V


Roger Lyons with Paulette and Paul Noble.


Bob Carey and Mike Goldberg.


Susie Dangel, Nancy Porter and Dick Heller.


Marcia Hulley and Dan Everett.


Janet McFadden, Anne Damon, Bill Charrette, and Benny Krol.


Nancy Brown, unknown, Cindy Madden, unknown, and Mary Meadows. Who are the unknowns?


Aida Moreno with Jack Caldwell.


Jon Abbott and Dan Everett with Rebecca Eaton.


Lo Hartnett and Rebecca Eaton.


Angela Lifsey.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn