Ricardo Comacho, 49, Editor for Destinos and La Plaza

From Raquel Ortiz — 3/19/2007

Ricardo CamachoI am sorry to have to share this very sad news … but it seems that last week was a particularly sad one for the WGBH family.

Ricardo Camacho passed away on Saturday March 10, 2007 at dawn with his brother by his side. The private funeral for his immediate family took place the next day. There will be a memorial service for him the weekend of March 31, at a Cambridge Church. Time and date to be determined by mid-week. …

During his annual visit with family for the holiday season he came down with very bad chest pains, was hospitalized twice, and they found a very bad case of pneumonia. Unfortunately, though receiving good care, he didn’t recover. The good news is he was home in Bogota, Colombia, close to his mother and siblings and his ashes are laid to rest in the family plot. He was 49 years old. …

Ricardo was a vibrant and multi-talented and eager young man when I hired him, straight out of Emerson College, to work on Jubilos. Eventually he became a floating PA for the community Affairs department and then trained as an editor at La Plaza. The last major project he worked on at the Foundation was as an editor on Fred Brazyck’s Destinos series.

If anyone wants to share information about Ricardo, they can do so to my email address — info [at] raquelortizproductions.com — and I will forward them to his family. Thank you.

From his family — 3/24/2007

Memorial Service/Mass

In Memoriam


Ricardo Comacho

The honor of your presence is requested at a memorial service/mass

Saturday the thirty-first (31st) of March at eleven (11:00) a.m.
St. John the Evangelist Church
2270 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Please do not send flowers. Donations can be made to Children’s Hospital Boston

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