Classic Theatre (1975)

From David Atwood

Here’s a great shot taken in the Temple Church Courtyard in London, 1975. The shoot was for Classic Theatre and the actor we were going to interview was Ian McKellan.

Characters in the shot left to right, John MacKnight (lighting), Karl Lorencic (video), Nat Johnson (audio), Greg Macdonald (camera), and John McKnight (tape). Joan Wilson was producing. I was directing. The camera being gently dollyed was the dreaded PCP-90, Phillps’ full broadcast color camera with a full set of headaches to match.

The Party II

82. Jo Madden with John Carver.

83. David Atwood and Francis Gladstone.

84. Basil Chigas, Bruce Bordett and Howard Lowe.

85. Dave Elinoff, Eliat Goldman, and Roger Macie.

86. Fred Barzyk, Aida Moreno and Ron Milton.

87. Raquel Ortiz with Lo Hartnett.

88. Ron Della Chiesa and Arnie Reisman.

89. Bob Wilson and Rick Hauser, with a little bit of Nancy Mason Hauser.

90. Gordy Mehlman, Tom Pugh, Bob Wilson and Karl Lorencic.

91. Marilyn Greenstein with Henry Becton

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn

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