From the Vault: Video interviews with WGBH pioneers

Between 1992 and 2013, Fred Barzyk, Joe Anderson, Henry Becton, and Michael Ambrosino conducted over 100 hours of interviews with dozens of former WGBH-TV and FM staffers.

For the 2015 reunion, Fred and David Atwood compiled a highlights reel from those interviews with:

  • David Atwood
  • Bob Carey
  • Phil Collyer
  • Bill Cosel
  • Ron Della Chiesa
  • Anne Damon
  • Bob Ferrante
  • Helen Fox
  • Greg Harney
  • Jack Hurley
  • David Fanning
  • David Ives
  • Benny Krol
  • John LaBounty
  • Frank Lane
  • Karl Lorensic
  • Emily Lovering
  • Robert J. Lurtsema
  • Gordon Mehlman
  • Russ Morash
  • Henry Morgenthau
  • Chas Norton
  • Chris Pullman

Also included are classic clips with Tony Randall, Julia Child, and Hartford Gunn. Enjoy!

Development Memories (1970s-80s)

From Lo Hartnett

This is the Development Department in the spring of 1979 taken in the palacial offices of the 110 Western Avenue garage.

The mad money-raisers are:

Standing – Susan Ballough, Nancy England, Katie (Murphy) Fisher, Jo Madden, John D. Carver, Debby (Thorburn) Ashton, Sam Tyler, Michael Newton.

On the desk – Lo Hartnett, Barry Forbes.

Sitting (floor) – Marilyn Bernardo (she started in the 50’s with Helen Fox), Linda Wege, Hugh Colliton, Sandra (Scott) Tyler, Luvenia Green, Mary White, Cindy (O’Connor) Madden.

A few of us are still fund raising in Public TV land.

"The Fun-d Raising Ladies" (circa summer 1999)

All (but Candy) worked in Development, most in the 70-80’s. There are five former Development Directors (present day title) in this photo.

Standing – Kay Twomey, Sally Foskett, Helen O’Malley, Jeanne Brodeur, Wendy Davidson, Marilyn Bernardo, Nancy England, Amy Meyers, Jo Madden.

Seated – Cindy (O’Connor) Madden, Mary Meadows, Helen Fox, Lo Hartnett, Candy Cutler.

Helen Fox (Foxy) and Marilyn Bernardo started in late 50’s. Marilyn retired in the mid 80’s. Kay Twomey is a 20+yr volunteer. Helen O’Malley introduced computer technologies and established the WGBH contributor database iin 60/70’s. Mary Meadows is the only one still at GBH.

Here’s John D. Carver, Development Department, Underwriting (circa 1980s).

A Fond Farewell to Helen Fox

From QuickNooz (with permission)

Former ’GBHer Helen Fox passed away on Tues, 7/22. Helen worked at ’GBH during the Foundation’s early days. She started as a volunteer, and she stayed for 17 years, working in Fundraising and in ZOOM.

In an interview in the WGBH Archives (conducted by Fred Barzyk as part of an oral history project), the late David Ives credits Helen with showing him the fundraising ropes; apparently, Helen was known as WGBH’s human computer.