Manosky’s memories

During the late 1960s at Channel 2, we were fortunate to have Connie White and his camera to chronicle the backstage workings and the people who made those great shows. Here are a few that I was fortunate to be in.

Left to right: Christopher Sarson and Bob Manosky, on camera, in Studio A.

This shows Bob Manosky giving, I think Frank Lane, a look after a bumpy dolly-in.

This is Bob Manosky in limbo driving the Chapman Crane in Studio.

Bob Manosky with “Two Ton” Tony Galento Heavyweight Contender at a table in 1966 or 1967.

These three photos show Bob Manosky wearing a grass skirt selling a tropical vacation on Auction 1966 or 1967.

The attached is a photo I took on a Friday at sunset from the scene dock. It shows the Greyhound mobile unit in in ’66 or ’67.