From the Vault: Video interviews with WGBH pioneers

Between 1992 and 2013, Fred Barzyk, Joe Anderson, Henry Becton, and Michael Ambrosino conducted over 100 hours of interviews with dozens of former WGBH-TV and FM staffers.

For the 2015 reunion, Fred and David Atwood compiled a highlights reel from those interviews with:

  • David Atwood
  • Bob Carey
  • Phil Collyer
  • Bill Cosel
  • Ron Della Chiesa
  • Anne Damon
  • Bob Ferrante
  • Helen Fox
  • Greg Harney
  • Jack Hurley
  • David Fanning
  • David Ives
  • Benny Krol
  • John LaBounty
  • Frank Lane
  • Karl Lorensic
  • Emily Lovering
  • Robert J. Lurtsema
  • Gordon Mehlman
  • Russ Morash
  • Henry Morgenthau
  • Chas Norton
  • Chris Pullman

Also included are classic clips with Tony Randall, Julia Child, and Hartford Gunn. Enjoy!

Caroline Collins, 70, Creative Force at WGBH During ’80s

Some colleagues likened Caroline Collins’s energy to bubbling champagne, others to a lightbulb always on. Whatever the metaphor, in her role as director of creative services at WGBH-TV, Ms. Collins brought to the station a vigor and style that helped define its image during the 1980s.

She was “one of those wonderful colleagues full of enthusiasm and energy, who laughed at all your jokes, who encouraged you to be smart and crazy at the same time,” said Chris Pullman, vice president for branding and visual information.

The Party III


Chris Pullman and Tom Sumida.


Tom Sumida, Chris Pullman, Paul Souza and Paul Solman.


Tom Sumida, Chris Pullman, Paul Souza, Doug Scott and Jeff Dunn.


Doug Scott and Paul Souza.


John Kerr, Mary Meadows, Hillary Kimmel and John Carver.


Debbie Dorsey and Michael Ambrosino.


David Atwood and Dick Heller.


Henry Becton, Chris Sarson and Fred Barzyk.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn