The Party: FIN



And so it happened, for about 9 hours on a Saturday, April 4th 2000, that 53 years of WGBHers had the opportunity to reconnect with each other and reaffirm their friendship, their shared history, and their dedication to public broadcasting and enlightened media.



Following the official event, an officially unannounced screening continued into the early evening, showing hilarious in-house spoofs and holiday put-on shows for station insiders.



And later still, at Legal Seafood in Kendall Square, several groups of celebrants finished off the evening with somewhat more intimate gatherings. This is only one of three tables, seen from both ends (we don’t have pictures of the others). It includes, from the left of the left hand photo: Brooks Leffler, Fred Barzyk, Ruth Barzyk, Tom McGrath, (where’s Bobbi McGrath?), Al Kelman, Janice Kelman, Sean Hallock and Gretchen Leffler.


Until 2005, then?

All photos this page: Don Hallock

The Party XXII – Class of ’58

Those irrepressible and beloved BU scholars who tore through the station in 1958, like a strong dose of Intest-o-cleanse, returned for the Reunion, bringing with them their particular brand of irreverent chutzpah (and hats especially designed for the occasion by Vic Washkevich).

For the uninitiated, they are (from the left) Bill Heitz, Vic Washkevich, Don Mallinson, Jean (“The Queen”) Brady Moscone Jolly, Ed Donlon, Bob (“The King”) Moscone (uncharacteristically obscured), Paul Noble and Stew White.

With the enthusiastic assistance of Bob Moscone (appearing in the top picture dressed in robin’s-egg blue), they made good on a promise to reprise their original theme song, having specially updated it with several new lines. The melody’s that of the Kingston Trio number “Charlie on the MTA.” The words, set down by Ed Donlon, are the scholars’ own. For the curious, the whole rousing song, as performed at the 2000 Reunion, can be heard in this audio clip. Introductory remarks are by Paul Noble.

From Vic Washkevich

(At that 40th reunion in 1998: left to right, Bob Moscone, Stew White, Vic Washkevich (me), Ed Donlon, author of our anthem. As can be seen from the tabletop, we lived on beer, popcorn and anecdotes.)

Sing along now, remove caps, and place your hand over your heart. You know the tune. Hummm… Here goes.

Before we leave we would like to tell a story
‘Bout a group who’s fame’s well earned.
They’re known around here As the Lowell Scholars
The gang that never returned.

Oh, they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
They just never came back to walk the streets of Boston.
The gang that never returned.

It was in the year of 1957 That they first hit old Bean Town
Nine assorted males and a Tennessee Lady
A stranger group couldn’t be found.

But they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
They are banned forever from the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

They had communications courses And the GBH resources.
And they put on some startling shows, Like ZOOM shots of the ceiling
And the boom man always reeling And Louie Lyons blowing his nose.

That’s why they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
So they’re banned forever from the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

They had a baby grand piano And lots of fat sopranos
That they used to push around the set.
But Whitney Thompson started screaming That the scholars are all scheming
To sabotage his chances for the Met.

So they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
They are banished forever from the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

They did some shows about religions And a lady who raised pigeons
Plus the concerts at the BSO. But by far the most exciting
Was the Science show on lightning When it blew out ten lights or so.

So they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
They are banned forever from the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

In the annals of that station Now known widely ‘cross the nation
Here’s a secret that no one reveals.
Of those wild and crazy scholars Who worked for zero dollars
They were pioneering ETV schlemiels.

So they never returned No they never returned
And their fate is still unlearned.
They are banned forever from the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

And though the years just kept on passing There were friendships everlasting
Built on memories of long ago.
Of that little TV station With it’s hot-bed of gestation
for the most creative television shows.

Still they never return No they’ll never return
But their fate has now been learned.
They have just come back to walk the streets of Boston
The gang that never returned.

But it was not the holy grail It was Internet e-mail
That brought about this gathering.
With a great “Rewired” sound page And a chance to see this sound stage
Who could pass this opportunity?

So we finally returned Yes, we finally returned
And our fate has now been learned.
We have all come home to walk the streets of Boston
The gang that finally returned.

Thanks folks.

For pure, good spirit, there’s nothing quite like you.

Hat photos: Don Hallock, Crew ’58 Photos: Courtesy of Vic Washkevich

The Party XXI


Don and Von Quayle with Jack Caldwell (center).


Don Quayle and Henry Morganthau.


Judy and Jack Hurley with Helen Fox.


Jack and Judy Hurley with Judy Osborne (center).


Mr. and Mrs. Ted Conant.


Von Quayle, Michael Ambrosino, Lynn Cooper and Raquel Ortiz.


Mike Ambrosino and Lynn Cooper.


Three guys who had to be at the NAB Convention instead: Jack Kean, Ralph Schuetz, John Folsom.

278 – 284: Don Quayle 285: Ralph Schuetz

The Party XX


Lo Hartnett, Moon Nimon, Nora Sinclair, Fred Barzyk, Jo Madden and Emily Lovering.


Henry Morganthau and Al Kelman.


Mary Lela Grimes Sherburne.


Judy Osborne and Dan Beach.


Wil Morton with John Labounty.


Lilly Hollander.


Brooks Leffler and Paulette Noble with the class of ’58.


Ed Donlon and Vic Washkevich with Don Hallock.


Sean Hallock menacing three unidentified friends.


An incredulous John La Bounty confronts Don Hallock (under the gleeful auspices of Fred Barzyk).

268 -273: Brooks Leffler 274: Don Hallock 275: Vic Washkecich

The Party XIX


Marita Rivero, Bob Carey, Judy Stoia and Greg Fitzgerald.


Sue DeMarco, Laurie Toth Everett and Debbie Dorsey.


Fred Barzyk and Nora Sinclair …


… doing “The Lottery.”



Fred Barzyk with Verne Coleman.


Christie Moore Millet, Michael Ambrosino, and Nancy England.


Ron Della Chiesa and Emily Lovering.


Ron Della Chiesa, Emily Lovering, Graham Walker, Emily Graham and Marcia Mather.


Fred Barzyk, Liz Deane, Sally Cook, Peter Cook and Candy Cutler.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn, except 262: Don Hallock

The Party XVIII

248. Mai Cramer with Ron Della Chiesa.

249. Olivia Tappan, Russ Morash and Susie Doroney.

250. Gordy Mehlman and John McKnight.

251. Linda Morgenroth, Wendy Davidson and Moon Nimon.

252. Dave Coveney and Paula Apsell.

253. Ron Blau and Jean Wardle.

254. Susan Presson and Ashton Peery.

255. Henry Becton and Susan Presson

256. Bill Charrette, Paul Souza and Henry Becton.

257. John Kerr, Jim Donahue, Ron Della Chiesa, Mike Goldberg and Judy Osborne.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn

The Party XVII


Robert Wilson and Aida Moreno.


Russ Morash and Emily Lovering.


Bruce Bordett, Russ Morash, Emily Lovering and Basil Chigas.


Ron Milton and Louise Miler.


Tom Sumida and Nora Sinclair.


Bob Ferrante and Doug Smith.


Bob Carey, Michael Ambrosino, Tony Cherubini and Jack Summerfield.


Greg Harney and Marcia Hulley.


Don Mallinson, Greg Harney, and Marcia Hulley.


Bill Cosell and Judy Stoia.


The festive board. This reverential still life is by Brooks Leffler, the man at the lower right of the next photo who, in classic WGBH style, demonstrates admirable devotion to his subject matter.


All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn, except 246a: Brooks Leffler, 247: Don Hallock

The Party XVI


(?) with Connie White and John McKnight.


Mai Kramer and friend (?).


Jane Pikor with Anne Zeiser and Marilyn Greenstein.


Peter Trivelas, Julia Eddy and Marcia Hulley.


Janet McFadden and Candy Cutler.


Lorraine Ferguson and Elise Katz.


David O. Ives.


Paul Raila, Olivia Tappan and Steve Rogers.


Margaret MacLeod and Olivia Tappan.


John McClure with Susan Presson.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn

The Party XV



Al Hinderstein, with Chas Norton and Andrea Sodano.


Unknown, with Werner and Patience Bundschuh.


David Atwood, Eleanor Jewett and Jeanne Irwin.


Kathy Rosen, Gene Mackles and Paul Solman.


Tony Kahn and Kathy Rosen.


Bill Charrette, Debra Thorburn, Eliat Goldman and (?).


Susan Dowling and Andy Griffiths.


Jay Collier and Bob Wilson.


The class of ’58 and spouses at table.


Verne Coleman and friend.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn, except 216: Don Hallock

The Party XIV

205. David Atwood and Bruce Bordett.

206. David Atwood shares an affectionate moment with Olivia Tappan.

207. Well….two moments.

208. Yet another shot of Peter Hoving and Chris Sarson. (Do they get residuals on these?)

209. John Henning.

210. John Henning again, POV.

211. John “Rocky” Coe and Faith Nachman Klein.

212. Gene Mackles, John Carver and Paul Solman.

213. Thea Chalow and John McKnight.

214. John Kerr, unknown, Kristi Moore and Nancy England.

215. Frank Lane, Jane Pikor and Benny Krol.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn.