Sheila Simollardes

I joined the WGBH Educational Foundation as secretary to Michael Ambrosino in the Program Department (1965-67); then served as administrative assistant to Jack Caldwell in the Production Department (1967-68). In the course of these 3 years, I also worked in various capacities for Bob Larsen, Dave Davis, and Greg Harney.

When an opportunity arose to enter the TV studios, I jumped at the chance, my first assignment being “Artists in Television” with Rick Hauser; next was the “Zoom” pilot with Christopher Sarson; off-site work at MFA with Louise Tate and at BSO with Bill Cosel; a stint on “The Reporters” newscast with Bob Ferrante; and finally, a couple of seasons on (WGBH-KCET co-production) “The Advocates” with Russ Morash. Read more...

Alumni List – March 6, 2018

Here is our current list of WGBH alumni, including those for whom we do and do not have e-mail addresses. (We have also included the names of our deceased colleagues in memoriam.) “Yes” after a name means we do have an e-mail address. “No” means we do not.

Some people are listed more than once because we have multiple email addresses. If you are one of those, please contact us if you have a single preferred address. Read more...

Paul Binder

Paul Binder is the Founder and Founding Artistic Director of the Big Apple Circus.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, he graduated from Dartmouth College. In Boston immediately after college, he was Floor Manager for Julia Child’s The French Chef before returning to New York to earn an MBA at Columbia Business School. Read more...

From the Vault: Video interviews with WGBH pioneers

Between 1992 and 2013, Fred Barzyk, Joe Anderson, Henry Becton, and Michael Ambrosino conducted over 100 hours of interviews with dozens of former WGBH-TV and FM staffers.

Reunion 2015 Guestbook (alphabetical)

RSVPs received as of April 30 — In alphabetical order

Your first name Your last name Years at WGBH Will you attend? Your comments Departments/shows/roles
Chip Adams 1977-1981(WGBY)1981-1994(Webb staff and freelance) Yes Maintenance Engineer
Mobile Unit engineer
Field Video & Audio engineer- This Old House, The Victory Garden, The New Yankee Workshop
Maria Agui Carter 1989-2000 Maybe La Plaza- numerous years as staff, a few as contract producer for specific shows
Producer’s Hub (limited Series Series A.P. then Producer)
Michael Ambrosino 1956 to 1976 Yes It is always a good time to visit with friends and colleagues you have known for many years. Manager of School Television
Executive Director, Eastern Educational Network
Assistant Director of Programming
Associate Director of Programming
Executive Producer, NOVA
Jane Arsham 1967-1980 Yes Operations
Carole Ashcraft 1972-1974 No I have nothing less then 100% gratitude for Michael who changed my life due to our NOVA experience together.
His unselfish manner and trust in letting me take my talent and skill – most even unknown to myself at the time – and run with it for better or worse without fear, kept my feet firmly planted on the ground making each step better then the last. Did I fail at times? You bet but Michael’s support and belief never waivered. Nor did his project perseverance… at times in great odds with management over financial concerns. Also, his conviction of purpose and never-ending trust in his staff never lost its pace. We even had some hard-earned laughter burst through during times of complete exhaustion which made us even more ‘family’, added more treasured memories and increased our pride.
The effort he invested in all of us those many years ago became for me a life-long support tool that no one ever matched or even came close to throughout my media career. I was blessed to be lucky enough to have had a small part in this larger-than-life play called NOVA and for the privilege of having shared Michael’s vision with so many others along the way.
I’m honored. Thank you Michael and Lillian.
Carole Ashcraft, Production Secretary
Production Secretary to Michael J. Ambrosino (mja/cia) original series start-up team – NOVA.
David Atwood numerous Yes Cameraman, Director
Alice Austin 1997-2003 Maybe The Caption Center, Descriptive Video Service
Edye Baker 1971 – 1999 Yes 1971 – 1981 Auction Major Volunteer
1981 – 1999 Auction Manager
Fred Barzyk 1958 – 2002 Yes Can’t wait!!!!!! Producer/Director
Steve Bass 1992-1998 No Sorry I can’t be there! I value the opportunity to be part of the WGBH family. I guess I still am as I’m serving on the board of PRI. I also work with Christoper Sarson’s daughter and Michael Ambrosino’s daughter-in-law, Katrina Sarson. Have a blast at the reunion! VP/GM — WGBY/Springfield
VP/Manager of Television Stations
Alison Bassett freelance 1988-1994; staff 1995-2012 Yes Thank you for organizing this. I hope to get there earlier than the last one! I didn’t put my years at WGBY as that would really date me!! :>0 AD – Boston Pops
Post Production Supervisor – PR; American Experience
Producer – Children’s; Educational Productions
Compliance Manager – Archives & Media Center
Ed Baumeister 1971-1982 Yes News and current affairs — the Reporers, the Eveneing Compass, the Ten O’Clock News.
Dan Beach 1960-67 ++ No I look forward. Camerman
Traffic Department Manager
Film Department Manager
Production Coordinator on many Barzyk shows in later years
John Beck 1968-1980 Yes Front desk, business office, Radio Manager
Henry Becton 1970- Yes
Marsha Bemko 1983-present Yes Distribution
Discovering Women
Culture Shock
National Programming
Antiques Roadshow
Kate Bernhardt Yes
Susheel Bibbs 1973-77, 1978-80 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone. GBH radio
Spiders Web, Performance, A Batin Rompu, Rose Hill, Music Program Director
1975 CPB Best Program Awards
ZOOM talent coordinator
ZOOM Executive Producer
Arts Ed Project Producer
Jim Billipp Yes camera
Joan Blackett 1962-1964 Yes Secretary to Hartford Gunn
Ron Blau 1963-1964 + freelance and project contract Yes It’s always a pleasure to get together with ‘GBHers! Miscellaneous shows and roles from “Polaris University” to “Fragile Egos” and “Multiply and Subdue the Earth” … ZOOM to NOVA. Producer trainee, then producer, film/Avid editor.
Bruce Bordett 1971-1980 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone. Mail room, crew
Andrew Bradley 1992-2006 Yes WGBH Auction
Christine Bradley (Carney) 1992-1999 No Corporate Development
Doug Briscoe 1977-2005 Maybe Do I know any of these people? Radio announcer/producer
Cy Britt 1988-2002 Yes
Cynthia Broner 1984-present Yes See you there! Director of Constituent Communications (formerly Editorial Resources)
Nancy Brown LaBrie 1979-1983 Maybe Development/Fundraising
Michael Burton 1987-2002 Yes Local underwriting and then national underwriting
Darrell Byers 1991-2000 Yes Looking forward to seeing my friends and former colleagues. Development and local underwriting
Jack Caldwell 1966-1971* Yes Yes, we “old-timers” will enjoy sharing “what we did,” but those that followed will benefit from knowing “what we did.” I encourage a forum for the younger staff and current staff to have access to some stories of the heritage that created the “platform” they now enjoy. History counts. Passion counts. The absence of a fear to fail “counts.” Really, we never imagined that we would fail. I owe so much to those who preceded me…and ever so much to the encouragement and vision of Hartford Gunn, Bob Larsen, David Ives and the incredibly capable and adventuresome staff at WGBH and WGBY. Can’t wait to meet in May! 1966 — From VP of Distribution for NET in Ann Arbor, recruited by Hartford Gunn to work with Ted Conant and Jim Kelly to create and run WGBX.1967 — Assigned as temporary Director of Operations while Dave Davis was in Israel consulting on their television development.

1968 — Dave chose not to return to WGBH and my position was no longer temporary. Read more...