Producing and recording “Favorite Themes for Masterpiece Theatre”

From Nat Johnson: I was stunned to learn from my studio producer that a musical legend would be joining the band that morning: Alan Civil had played in the Beatles’ albums “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Holy Cow!

Alumni List – March 6, 2018

Here is our current list of WGBH alumni, including those for whom we do and do not have e-mail addresses. (We have also included the names of our deceased colleagues in memoriam.) “Yes” after a name means we do have an e-mail address. “No” means we do not.

Some people are listed more than once because we have multiple email addresses. If you are one of those, please contact us if you have a single preferred address. Read more...

George Bauer

  • Years at WGBH: 1970-1972 (when I left to accept a position with National Public Radio in Washington)
  • Jobs at GBH: Radio reporter for WGBH-FM and host of “The Ford Hall Forum”

WGBH offered me my first job after graduating from the Boston University School of Communication. I covered state and local government for FM news and hosted “The Ford Hall Forum” in its 1971 season. I worked with Bob Carey, Judy Stoia, Paula Apsell, Rebecca Eaton, and other remarkable professionals (Bill Bucyck, Bill Cavness, Nat Johnson et al.)

After WGBH, I worked for NPR, the BBC in London, Associated Press Radio, The Christian Science Monitor’s Radio and TV outlets, CNN in New York and Atlanta, and The Weather Channel. I also worked for local public radio/TV stations in Tucson, Columbus (Ohio), and New York. Read more...