Greg Harney – in memory

  • Positions (from 1958 until 1984): Lighting Consultant, Production Manager, Producer-Director.

From WGBH QuickNooz — 8/10/2005

A link with WGBH’s earliest days was broken last week with the death of Greg Harney at age 78.

“Many ‘GBHers know Greg’s name because of the Harney Scene Dock, dedicated in his honor by WGBH donors Bill and Anne Haney,” notes WGBH President Henry Becton. “But Greg played a pivotal role in establishing WGBH’s leadership in the TV industry.” Read more...

Sheila Simollardes

I joined the WGBH Educational Foundation as secretary to Michael Ambrosino in the Program Department (1965-67); then served as administrative assistant to Jack Caldwell in the Production Department (1967-68). In the course of these 3 years, I also worked in various capacities for Bob Larsen, Dave Davis, and Greg Harney.

When an opportunity arose to enter the TV studios, I jumped at the chance, my first assignment being “Artists in Television” with Rick Hauser; next was the “Zoom” pilot with Christopher Sarson; off-site work at MFA with Louise Tate and at BSO with Bill Cosel; a stint on “The Reporters” newscast with Bob Ferrante; and finally, a couple of seasons on (WGBH-KCET co-production) “The Advocates” with Russ Morash. Read more...

Alumni List – March 6, 2018

Here is our current list of WGBH alumni, including those for whom we do and do not have e-mail addresses. (We have also included the names of our deceased colleagues in memoriam.) “Yes” after a name means we do have an e-mail address. “No” means we do not.

Some people are listed more than once because we have multiple email addresses. If you are one of those, please contact us if you have a single preferred address. Read more...