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1962 WGBH Station Break

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.23.30 AMDavid Sloss wrote the song for, and performed it at, the first WGBH Auction • Read more.

Remembering the BU Scholars

Remembering the BU ScholarsIn our youth, nothing seemed insurmountable. We approached every challenge with the old Mickey Rooney “Let’s put on a show!” enthusiasm. • Read more.

October 14, 1961: That Fateful Day

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.24.54 AM“Wake up, wake up! Channel two is on fire and has just burnt to the ground.” • Read more.

“The Negro and The American Promise” (1963)

James BaldwinFeaturing interviews with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and James Baldwin, this program made headlines in spring 1963. • Read more.

“You Can’t Sell an Ocelot on TV!”

"You Can't Sell an Ocelot on TV!"One day, we got a phone call from a lady who said, “You can’t sell a live ocelot on television! They are dangerous wild animals!” “How do you know this?” asked the PR people. • Read more.

Former Executive Producer Henry Morgenthau Releases New Book

morgenthau-square“Henry Morgenthau’s poems are crisp, elegant forays into memory both personal and cultural.” • Read more.

Fred Barzyk’s Snapshots: Scene 6 – The Waiting Room

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.23.29 PMI love actors. I love how they are willing to give of themselves, to be vulnerable to critics, to wrap themselves in personas not their own, and how they love what they do. • Read more.

Fred Barzyk’s Snapshots: Scene 5 – Opera, Film, and a Dream

barzykI always dreamed of doing an original TV musical. Raposo and Lehrer were willing to work on the musical for no money. What we needed was a play. • Read more.

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