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Dave Nohling to the Rescue

A memory from Fred Bayzyk: How were we going to get to Boston? That could chip away at our stipend. This is where Dave Nohling comes to the rescue. • Read more.

Ward Chamberlin, 95, Public Television Architect

Ward Chamberlin Jr., a leading architect of the nation’s public broadcasting system who revitalized PBS stations in New York and Washington and nurtured the career of the documentarian Ken Burns, died on Thursday in Bedford, Mass. • Read more.

Washington Post features retired executive producer Henry Morgenthau III

Last month, retired television producer Henry Morgenthau III turned 100, and he celebrated by publishing his first book of poetry. • Read more.

‘Nova’ launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund a special

“Nova,” PBS’s science series produced by WGBH, has launched its first crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a sequel to its popular 2012 special “Hunting the Elements.” • Read more.

The Almost-Forgotten Shows and People of WGBH – Part 1

A collection of “less remembered shows” and people who appeared on, or worked for, WGBH, remembered by Fred Barzyk, Michael Ambrosino, Boyd Estus, Doug Smith, and Bruce Bordett • Read more.

The Moment that Julia Child Became an American icon

Though she did not own a TV set, Julia had been bitten by the television bug from the moment she set foot on a studio set. • Read more.

How it came about that a physics student came to WGBH

One day I came in to find an old man who looked familiar sitting in the outer lobby. I asked and he said he was waiting to visit someone, so I took Hoagy Carmichael in past reception • Read more.

It was a Bright and Stormy Night

Then, in the middle of a fun entertainment segment with one of the pioneers of television, disaster struck. • Read more.

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