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Bud Collins memorial service a celebration of his extraordinary life

wiggs_Collins_702285-10028In words, music, songs, prayers and above all, glorious smiles, the family and friends of legendary tennis journalist Bud Collins gathered for a memorial service to celebrate his life. • Read more.

Late WCVB photographer honored by Cambridge with dedication ceremony

wilson2The city of Cambridge renamed the corner of Copley and Fayweather streets the Robert N. Wilson Square in honor of the late Robert Wilson who passed away in 2014. • Read more.

Vonnegut and Barzyk: Between Time and Tibuktu

vonnegut-500x“Between Time and Timbuktu or Prometheus-5: A Space Fantasy by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.” was an idea hatched by David Loxton who was working for NET Playhouse. This is how the 1974 TV show happened. • Read more.

Ed Joyce, 71, Animation Photographer

ed-joyce-2-500X500As an expert animation photographer, ED JOYCE worked with KEN Burns on epics such as The Civil War, Baseball and Jazz, important works that not only taught us about our past but who we are as part of the American experience. • Read more.

Video: WGBH’s Years at MIT

wgbh-mitA video history reveals the connections between MIT and public television station WGBH, where the station started broadcasting in 1955. • Read more.

Point Taken: New WGBH show encourages input via social media

point-takenIs college worth the money? Is the American dream dead? These are the kind of provocative questions debated on “Point Taken,” a new show on WGBH. • Read more.

William Grant, 72, Producer and Editor

grant-500x500William R. Grant, an award-winning producer of some of public television’s most successful programs, was for two years managing editor of “Frontline” and 10 years was executive editor of “NOVA.” • Read more.

Fred Barzyk’s Snapshots: Scene 3

tomlin-500x500This is the second in a series of reminiscences by Fred Barzyk, longtime WGBH producer and director. • Read more.

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