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A Celtic Sojourn in Memory of Valerie Gunderson

A Celtic Sojourn in Memory of Valerie GundersonFriends and fans of our late WGBH colleague Valerie Gunderson are invited to a special event on Saturday, October 28 • Read more.

‘Nova’ has its tightest deadline ever with Aug. 21 eclipse

“Nova” has decided to film next Monday’s total solar eclipse and air it hours later. It’ll be the series’ fastest turnaround to date. • Read more.

Barbara Gullahorn Holecek, 74, Nova Producer

Barbara was a member of the small group that gathered in the latter half of 1973 in the less than inviting environment of 475 Western Avenue to start production of the new (as yet unnamed) Nova science series. • Read more.

Two Susheel Bibbs’ Documentaries Available to Stations This Fall

WGBH Alum and singer-filmmaker Susheel (aka Cheryl Susheel) Bibbs has a busy fall ahead with two documentaries being uploaded to PBS stations in September. • Read more.

Torrey Reade, 66

Torrey co-wrote scripts, helped acquire programs from PBS and EEN, and created the local schedules for WGBH. • Read more.

Harriet Reisen’s “On the Cover of Time” to be performed July 25 in Gloucester

A new work in progress by long-time WGBH producer/writer Harriet Reisen will be performed on Tuesday July 25, 2017, at Gloucester Stage at 7:30 p.m. • Read more.

Sheila and Marilyn Brass launch new series

Cookbook authors and “culinarians” Sheila and Marilyn Brass have been part of WGBH for more than 20 years. They have a new PBS show. • Read more.

In well-mannered public radio, an airwaves war

In the realm of public radio, the Boston situation — close quarters combat between well-off rivals (WGBH and WBUR) — is extremely rare. • Read more.

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