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In well-mannered public radio, an airwaves war

In the realm of public radio, the Boston situation — close quarters combat between well-off rivals (WGBH and WBUR) — is extremely rare. • Read more.

Steve Schwartz, 74, Radio Jazz Host

Eric Jackson: “Steve was this warm presence who invited you in when he was on the air with the sound of his voice and the music he played.” • Read more.

WGBH reaps huge windfall in sale of broadcast spectrum

WGBH, the public media organization, will receive $218.7 million in exchange for moving the over-the-air signals of its WGBH and WGBY stations from frequencies on the UHF band to the VHF band. • Read more.

Zvi Richard Dor-Ner, 75, Executive Producer

The WGBH community mourns with sadness the passing of Zvi Dor-Ner, former WGBH Executive Producer. • Read more.

Dave Nohling to the Rescue

A memory from Fred Bayzyk: How were we going to get to Boston? That could chip away at our stipend. This is where Dave Nohling comes to the rescue. • Read more.

Ward Chamberlin, 95, Public Television Architect

Ward Chamberlin Jr., a leading architect of the nation’s public broadcasting system who revitalized PBS stations in New York and Washington and nurtured the career of the documentarian Ken Burns, died on Thursday in Bedford, Mass. • Read more.

Washington Post features retired executive producer Henry Morgenthau III

Last month, retired television producer Henry Morgenthau III turned 100, and he celebrated by publishing his first book of poetry. • Read more.

‘Nova’ launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund a special

“Nova,” PBS’s science series produced by WGBH, has launched its first crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a sequel to its popular 2012 special “Hunting the Elements.” • Read more.

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