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Torrey Reade, 66

Torrey co-wrote scripts, helped acquire programs from PBS and EEN, and created the local schedules for WGBH. • Read more.

Harriet Reisen’s “On the Cover of Time” to be performed July 25 in Gloucester

A new work in progress by long-time WGBH producer/writer Harriet Reisen will be performed on Tuesday July 25, 2017, at Gloucester Stage at 7:30 p.m. • Read more.

Sheila and Marilyn Brass launch new series

Cookbook authors and “culinarians” Sheila and Marilyn Brass have been part of WGBH for more than 20 years. They have a new PBS show. • Read more.

In well-mannered public radio, an airwaves war

In the realm of public radio, the Boston situation — close quarters combat between well-off rivals (WGBH and WBUR) — is extremely rare. • Read more.

Steve Schwartz, 74, Radio Jazz Host

Eric Jackson: “Steve was this warm presence who invited you in when he was on the air with the sound of his voice and the music he played.” • Read more.

WGBH reaps huge windfall in sale of broadcast spectrum

WGBH, the public media organization, will receive $218.7 million in exchange for moving the over-the-air signals of its WGBH and WGBY stations from frequencies on the UHF band to the VHF band. • Read more.

Zvi Richard Dor-Ner, 75, Executive Producer

The WGBH community mourns with sadness the passing of Zvi Dor-Ner, former WGBH Executive Producer. • Read more.

Dave Nohling to the Rescue

A memory from Fred Bayzyk: How were we going to get to Boston? That could chip away at our stipend. This is where Dave Nohling comes to the rescue. • Read more.

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